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Lisa Curry uses her voice and platform to stand up to a “guy abusing staff at a café” in an important message about kindness

''People are overworked and overwhelmed as it is, just relax!''
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Lisa Curry has taken to social media to share a shocking firsthand story about witnessing a man abuse staff at a café.

Reports of disgruntled shoppers taking their anger out on staff because of ongoing issues caused by the pandemic’s restrictions are sky high, and the former Olympian is not a bystander to keep her mouth shut.

To begin her strong stance, Lisa shared an illustration of a woman wearing a pink mask that reads, “Please keep your distance if you are not good for my mental health,” written on it.

Lisa was disgusted by the man’s behaviour.

(Image: Instagram)

“Yesterday I witnessed for the first time a guy abusing staff at a café,” Lisa wrote in her caption.

“I had just left my table and was almost face to face with him, so I told him not to be so rude, settle down and be nice.”

However, after Lisa told the man to pipe down, he took out his rage on her.

“Then he’s going at me. The owner is in tears, the staff feel threatened. Come on! Stop abusing people who are only doing their job. If you can’t sit inside a cafe, sit outside, if you can’t sit outside, get a takeaway and sit in the park.”

“I had just left my table and was almost face to face with him.”

(Image: Instagram)

Lisa then pleaded with her followers to make sure they remember to be kind, considerate, and understanding, especially during these tough times.

“People are overworked and overwhelmed as it is, just relax! Show some empathy. Remember how we tell our kids to use kind words? It is what it is at the moment, so work with it and stop being rude! F—in wake up man🤯🤬,” she continued.

“Think before you speak. People can be fragile. You don’t know how a poor choice of words can affect someone.

“Now I feel better🥰 Have a nice Sunday !”

Lisa is expecting her third grandchild this year.

(Image: Instagram)

Fans filled Lisa’s comments section with support and praise for her actions and message.

“How do we stop men from being so aggressive? If he’s like that in public imagine what he’s like at home?,” shared a fan.

Another wrote, “👏👏👏thanks Lisa for calling this out. Unfortunately most people who work in service industries is copping this in various forms at the moment. It’s tough. Well said🙌.”

Lisa, who is expecting her third grandchild this year, is clearly not going to take bad behaviour lying down.

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