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Sprung! Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna cosy up in Cannes

Is newly single Leo kicking off a romance with RiRi?

Most celebrities fly to Cannes for the films and the fashion, but not Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. According to sources, we hear these two A-listers may have headed to the South of France for a raunchy reunion!

Word is newly single Leo, 42, got straight on the phone to RiRi, 29, following his recent split from Danish model Nina Agdal to organise a Cannes catch-up, which is especially, err, interesting considering the two are both back on the market…

“When they realised they were going to be in Europe at the same time, they made plans to meet up in Cannes,” an insider tells NW.

“There’s talk about them going to Paris afterwards, too. They love being there with each other and the nightlife is exactly their scene.”

Hey, it’s also where the pair were allegedly caught kissing in January last year during their previous French flirt-fest.

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Between reported hook-ups, of course, Leo had his relationship with Nina, 25, while RiRi’s on-off flame Drake, 30, was back in her life.

And while she’d been enjoying a break from boys since her split from Drake last October, our source suggests that Rihanna jumped at the chance for more action with Leo.

“It’s been quiet on the love front for RiRi recently, so she was really happy to hear from him,” spills the insider, adding that we shouldn’t hold our breath for it to turn serious anytime soon.

“What RiRi and Leo have is very animalistic. When they’re together they spend most of their time in bed. It’s been no different this time around… Ri brings out that wild side in him.”

In RiRi’s own words: she “may be bad” but she seems to be “perfectly good at it!”.

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