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“He would have been so proud”: Lauren Newton reflects on her mum Patti’s emotional TV WEEK Logies tribute to Bert

''It was an emotional night.''
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Most people will agree that one of the highlights of the 2022 TV WEEK Logies was Patti Newton’s speech about her late husband Bert.

While presenting the inaugural award named in his honour for most popular presenter, the widow’s heartfelt words about the love of her life struck a chord with many, including winner Hamish Blake who confessed he was emotional after taking the stage for his acceptance speech.

But none were perhaps more touched by Patti’s words than her and Bert’s daughter, Lauren Newton, who took to Instagram three days after the ceremony to reflect on the memorable moment.

“It was an emotional night and I was so happy to be there,” Lauren wrote after the TV WEEK Logies.

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Sharing a radiant photo of herself and her mum Patti from TV’s night of night’s, Lauren said her father would be “so honoured” to have a Logie named after him.

“He would have been so proud of the incredible job mum did in presenting it,” she continued.

“She was so wonderful and we were all very proud. It was an emotional night and I was so happy to be there x.”

The mum-of-six was soon flooded with messages of support from her industry pals.

Hamish Blake won the inaugural Bert Newton award for most popular presenter.

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Rhonda Burchmore shared her love in the comments, penning: “Your mumma and her beautiful words was the highlight of the evening – you were both so brave and so wonderful that you had each other there – Bert would’ve been so proud 💕💕💕🙏.”

Radio presenter Jane Kennedy added: “Your mum was indeed incredible and your dad would have been so very proud of you both xxx🥰.”

Aussie actress Lucy Durack also penned: “You and your mum did such a beautiful job Lauren. I loved watching at home and seeing you beam your good energy to her from your seat. Bert would have been beyond proud of you both xoxo.”

WATCH: Remembering Australian icon Bert Newton. Article continues after video

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On the night, Patti’s tribute to Bert began before she even started her speech as she donned the stage in a silver necklace that read: “Bert.”

“I actually didn’t think that I was going to be able to do this tonight, it’s still very raw and I’ll never get over him not being here,” Patti told the crowd.

She went on to emphasise how important the TV WEEK Logies were to Bert, deeming the awards his “baby”.

But, of course, no love could compare to his life partner, Patti.

Patti and Bert were married for 46 years.

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“I have been his partner for 57 years, it is a long time,” she said to tumultuous applause. “Thank you but I don’t need applause because I have loved every minute of those 57 years.

“He did say to me when we got married, we will have a few ups and downs, but it will never be boring. And he was so right. It was never boring.

“I think I have been very blessed that he chose me.”

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