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“Am I going to die?”: Kyle Sandilands shares concerning health update

The 52-year-old has yet to receive a diagnosis.
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Radio presenter Kyle Sandilands has shared details of his frightening health scare.

On a recent episode of The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Sandilands spoke on-air with celebrity doctor Dr Sam Hay about his recent health scare; asking the doctor for advice on his potential prognosis.

“I’ve got something that no one here knows about. I have been doing blood tests and I have to go get another blood test because, whatever numbers that you doctors talk about, I’m on the way up,” Sandilands shared, revealing “If [the blood count] gets up to 16, then I have leukemia.”

Sandilands shared his health update on Wednesday’s episode of The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

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Leukemia is a form of blood cancer that is characterised by the growth of abnormal blood cells, with the growth primarily taking place within an individuals bone marrow. Early signs of Leukemia can include an abnormal complete blood count, with the cancer typically impacting white blood cells; decreasing the body’s ability to fight infection.

The 52-year-old also shared that he had been advised by his GP to have his bone marrow examined to monitor for potential abnormal growth, prompting Sandilands to ask Dr Hay, “Am I knocking on heaven’s door? Am I going to die?”

While Dr Hay advised the radio star that the likelihood of him passing in the immediate future was slim, he did encourage the radio star to heed the warning and take part in further tests.

“All these doctors are the same, with the same concerning voice,” Sandilands quipped before further questioning Dr Hay on whether there is a correlation between leukemia and marijuana usage.

The radio host recently became a father to baby Otto.

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Sandilands’ health update comes just over three years since the radio host publicly shared his last serious health scare; revealing in 2020 that he was suffering from life-threatening high blood pressure.

“The doctor said, ‘Imagine the garden hose and we’re putting fire hydrant pressure through it. The nozzle, in this case, will be your brain, and your blood vessels will disintegrate and you will instantly die’,” Sandilands shared previously.

Dr Hay encouraged Sandilands to remain vigilant with his health.

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