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Don’t listen to Kathy Hilton: Jennifer Aniston is NOT with child

And she's certainly not pregnant with a daughter!
Kathy Hilton, Jennifer Aniston

It’s usually Paris Hilton that has us raising our eyebrows.

But the reality star can take a well-earned sea because now it’s her mum’s turn…

During the Oscars, Kathy Hilton was flying the flag proud as she collectively confused the entire world… With 140 characters, no less.

The Hilton matriarch showed off her social media skills by taking to Twitter to share her thoughts on the award show.

And with one touch, the 57-year-old became the new Moonlight, casually taking the reign as Hollywood’s biggest shocker.

Tweeting to her 103K followers, Kathy shared, “Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful tonight I am telling you she is having a baby girl. 100/ percent!!!!!!!!!!!”

Such a bombshell of a comment kind of needs to be backed up.

And you needn’t worry, because dear Kathy Hilton did just that, adding several emojis, including happy faces, hearts, flowers and even a four-leaf clover.

Nothing to see here, folks!

The comment, which was deleted over 20 hours after originally being posted, has since been shut down as untrue.

Kathy posted it after, presumably, seeing Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars.

For the record, the actress looked far from expecting.

Rocking a divine Versace black gown with a thigh-high split and plunging neckline – Miss Aniston was in fine form.

Jen took to the stage at the Oscars to remember all the stars Hollywood has lost over the past 12 months.

Jen, who stunned in a sparkling black gown and over $10 million worth of diamonds, attended the ceremony with her husband Justin Theroux.

Jen’s publicist Stephen Huvane confirmed to Hollywoodlife.com, “Jennifer is not pregnant nor does she know Kathy Hilton.”

A source chatted to E! News about the post and explained that Jen “doesn’t even know Kathy and has no idea why she would tweet something like that.”

“Shame on her,” the insider said, adding, “It’s so rude.”

Jen has long been linked to pregnancy speculation, but the 48-year-old squashed the conversation in a celebrated open letter on the Huffington Post last year.

Kathy with her two girls, Nicky and Paris.

In saying that, the Hollywood waters have been breaking with some very exciting and unexpected pregnancies lately.

Most recently, Beyonce revealed she was expecting twins and shortly after, eternal bachelor George Clooney confirmed he and Amal had two babies on the way as well!

Before you start hurling your stones at PricewaterhouseCoopers about mixing up yet another envelope, we’ve deciphered it down to Kathy suffering a case of Hollywood starlet mix up.

Best Actress nominee Natalie Portman didn’t make an appearance at the 89th Academy Awards, but she did feature in Jimmy Kimmel’s special Oscar edition of Mean Tweets, where she showed off a huge baby bump.

Natalie seems to be the likely candidate to be giving birth, since she’s more than halfway there!

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If anything, we’re glad this strange mix-up shone a much needed light on one of the most underrated Twitter accounts in Tinseltown.

We’re fond of this PSA, “OMG I just saw a man that looks like a live walking Cabbage Patch doll he patrols BEVERLY Hills. I have seen him a few times. Anyone else?”

Or the time she tweeted her daughter, “@ Paris HILTON I thought you were cooking bacon in my KITCHEN with my IRON. LMCO!!”

And then followed it up with, “@ Nicky HILTON Did U understand LMCO???”

According to Urban Dictionary LMCO means Laughing My Cats Off.

And if you were wondering, no, neither of Kathy’s girls replied to their mum.

It’s Kathy’s world… And we’re just living in it.

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