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EXCLUSIVE PICS: Kate Ritchie and Stuart Webb’s rare public outing amid rumoured marriage woes

The couple put on a frosty show after months of drama.
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After months of rumoured relationship dramas, last week Kate Ritchie and Stuart Webb stepped out for the first time together since the former rugby league player’s drink driving charges rocked their nine-year marriage.

In pictures obtained exclusively by Woman’s Day, the couple’s four-year-old daughter Mae appears to be elated to spend the day with her mum and dad, but onlookers claim it was a different story between the strained parents.

Kate looked seriously stressed out, and barely interacted with Stuart,” explains an onlooker.

According to the bystander, Kate, 40, kept a noticeable distance from Stuart, 38, as he affectionately engaged with Mae.

“He looked smitten with their daughter but Kate lingered behind them looking quite distracted and glum,” a source say.

The frosty reunion marks the first time the couple have been seen together in public for months. The radio star has also not posted about Stuart on her social media since her last Instagram post featuring Stuart dating back to late November last year.

The radio star is feeling the pressure at home.

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Mae was clearly excited to be with her dad.

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There’s no doubt it’s been a trying few months for the couple, with Kate taking on a great deal with her radio work, looking after Mae and trying to cope with the attention surrounding her and Stu’s marriage.

And the tension is bound to linger until July, when Stuart faces court again after pleading guilty to driving under the influence. He has also been charged with driving with a cancelled licence, but is yet to enter a plea on that charge.

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Before their public reunion last week, an insider told Woman’s Day that Kate has been feeling the pressure of the recent drama, and has been “running around like a single mum” and trying to keep it together.

“Kate’s always been adamant about keeping her personal life private, but this situation has just exposed them and caused undue stress,” said an insider.

Sombre Kate appeared preoccupied.

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In 2016 there were claims the couple were going through a rough patch in their marriage, including talk they had been leading separate lives.

While the Nova radio star hasn’t publicly spoken about Stuart’s court charges or the current state of their marriage, in the past she has been dismissive of reports about trouble in their relationship.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings, not anymore. I think in the old days it did,” Kate said of the divorce rumours in 2017. “There’s no point in getting bogged down about what other people think is happening in my life.”” the source says.

Stuart gives his daughter a big cuddle.

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