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EXCLUSIVE: “The day I walk back onto a film set will be a very happy one” – Kate Ritchie reveals her hopes for the future as she reflects on her TV WEEK Logies success

Kate's had a lot of wins to celebrate - and she's had some key people by her side the whole way.
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Actress Kate Ritchie played Sally Fletcher in Home And Away for an amazing 20 years, joining the iconic show in 1988 when she was just eight.

Kate stepped down from the role in 2008 and now, aged 41 and with a five-year-old daughter Mae, is best known as part of the Kate, Tim & Marty drive-time radio show on Nova.

She’s also written two children’s books.

TV WEEK talks to her about the road to success, and the highest of high times at the TV WEEK Logies.

TV WEEK: Looking back on your first TV WEEK Gold Logie win, you mentioned in your speech that “I won’t be able to articulate what it means for me.” Now looking back, do you now know what it meant for the Kate Ritchie on stage then?

Kate: Both my Gold Logie wins were overwhelming because they were so emotionally charged.

I think what I was referring to whilst accepting that first Gold Logie was that winning a Logie (let alone a Gold one or any award for that matter) was never part of my plan.

It was what happened to other actors. I had spent so many years watching those accolades go to everyone else.

So there was a lovely feeling of reward and acknowledgement that you can be a good person, a nice person and a professional person to work alongside.

You can turn up and do your job because you love it not because you’re chasing recognition and slowly but surely people will notice.

Kate has been a Logie Award attendee for decades.

Have you ever watched the footage back of you on stage that night?

I have but only recently. And only because my daughter Mae has begun to piece together some of the things Mummy did before she came along.

I have spoken to her about working on a television show and that I even won some awards for my work there.

When we YouTubed the videos she was very impressed with my pretty princess dresses.

On both nights that you took out the Gold, you were sitting next to Home and Away co-star Ray Meagher, what was it like having his support on the night?

Ray has always been an incredible support to me.

On those nights when all eyes are on us as well as on all the other days too. Though the private moments, when no one is watching, have been the most precious and impactful.

Kate and former Home and Away co-star Ray Meagher still share a special bond.

On the night of your second Gold Logie win you mentioned in your speech “I hope it’s not the last you’ll see of me”. You obviously went on to do more acting work, but like many people who have stared on Home and Away you have returned. What is it about the show that makes you and other actors go back again for special appearances?

I can’t speak on behalf of other people but for me I will always feel attached to Home and Away. How could I not? It trained and nurtured me.

It offered me some of the most wonderful years of my life and for a long time defined who I was.

Even now, with some distance from those days and having had the chance to develop into my own person without the security blanket of Sally Fletcher, I still miss it desperately but I also realise I will never be able to recreate that time. Nor do I need to.

Being a Gold Logie winner means you are able to attend the awards every year with a plus one, will you wait until Mae is perhaps a little older to show her where mum had her big wins?

Yes! I don’t think Mae needs to walk the Logies red carpet with me anytime soon.

But in saying that, if I leave it too long I might miss my opportunity to hold her hand and drag her along before she becomes far too cool to be seen anywhere with her daggy Mother!

Kate reckons she’ll have to get her daughter, Mae, along as her plus one sooner rather than later!


Do you have a favourite red carpet frock that wore to any of the years? Any funny wardrobe malfunctions that nobody caught?

I have always found it much easier to list the frocks I would never wear again rather than my favourites.

But I’ll refrain from revealing those in case it gives you permission to print the pics to prove it again.

A special mention must go to designer Lisa Ho who thanks to stylist Penny Hunt custom made my gown and dressed me for the Logies in 2009.

It is one of the few frocks I still have hanging in my wardrobe at home and have actually loaned to a friend on one occasion who wore it beautifully.

Kate loved this LISA HO dress, which she was styled in for the 2009 Logies by Penny Hunt.


Do you still have the itch to do more TV work? Any type of role you would be keen to explore?

Absolutely. The day I walk back onto a film set will be a very happy one for me.

I look forward to being part of an ensemble again one day soon. It’s all about finding the right role. Don’t worry! I am still searching!

WATCH: A flashback with Kate Ritchie and Samuel Johnson on Home and Away:

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