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NOVA breaks silence on the fate of Kate Ritchie’s job following her drink driving scandal

They don't usually comment on this type of thing.
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In the wake of Kate Ritchie’s drink driving scandal, NovaFM has released a statement saying she will not be fired from her drive show, Kate, Tim & Joel.

“As you can appreciate, NOVA Entertainment does not comment on personal matters relating to any of our employees,” a spokesperson said.

NOVA has responded to Kate Ritchie’s DUI.

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They continued: “Whilst we don’t usually comment on this type of unfounded speculation, or confirm our presenter line up for 2023, we have no plans for any changes to the Kate, Tim & Joel drive show or Kate’s role within the show.

The network spokesperson added that Kate is currently on planned leave and has been for the past few weeks, before praising the Summer Bay alum for being a “talented broadcaster and a respected member” of the team.

Kate’s response.

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Kate was pulled over on Monday where she allegedly recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.06. She was fined $600 and has lost her license for three months.

In a statement following the incident, the presenter explained: “Recently I undertook a random breath test.

“Although it was low level, the test came back positive.”

“I am truly sorry,” Kate said.

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She continued: “I made a poor decision and there is no doubt I understand the seriousness of my actions.”

“I am truly sorry,” the mother-of-one concluded.

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