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“Channel 9 weren’t happy:” Karl Stefanovic reveals fall-out with station bosses after Uber scandal

The Today show host took a trip to the KISS 1065 offices this morning for a chat with Kyle and Jackie O, where no topic was off limits.
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The past few months have been some of the most trying times for Karl Stefanovic and today, the 43-year-old opened up it all during a no-holds-barred interview on KIIS FM‘s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

In true Kyle Sandiland’s form, nothing was off-limits during the interview, and the Today show host was up to answer anything, including details on his wedding to fiancée Jasmine Yarbrough, the break-down of his marriage, and what the Channel 9 bosses really thought of that awkward Uber phone call scandal.

Karl on the Georgie Gardner feud

It appears the Today hosts have buried any bad blood post-Ubergate as Karl was effusive in his praise for his co-host.

“Are you and Georgie good?” Jackie O asked Karl.

“No, we hate each other,” the 43-year-old joked, before adding: “Georgie and I, we love working together. She’s fantastic.”

Karl went on to explain that if co-stars don’t get along, then they simply just wouldn’t work together.

“If you didn’t like working together, you wouldn’t do it. You would not sign up for it, unless you did.”

“I think she’s wonderful,” he added.

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Inside Karl and Jasmine Yarbrough’s commitment ceremony

Karl and his 34-year-old fiancée, Jasmine Yarbrough, held a romantic secret commitment ceremony in Palm Beach earlier this year.

Although one image surfaced from the private affair, the couple have remained tight-lipped about the occasion, until Karl revealed the reasoning behind the ceremony.

The photo released by Channel Nine’s TODAY Show from Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough’s commitment ceremony. (Image/Channel Nine)

“We had a really nice ceremony, all of our family were there. Because not all of our family will be able to make it to our wedding later this year,” he explained, before mentioning the couple were yet to decide on a location for their nuptials.

“We’re still looking for the place,” he said.

Karl is clearly smitten with his fashion designer fiancée. Talking about the moment he proposed to Jasmine he said, “it’s a lovely thing for us to go through and experience and we love each other.”

On his marriage break-down and finding love again

During the candid interview, Karl talked about separation and divorce from Cassandra Thorburn, saying marriage break-downs are difficult for everyone involved.

He said some have found it hard to accept his divorce and his subsequent new relationship, but he feels lucky to have found love again.

“These things happen to people and I’m sorry for any hurt that this caused and still causes, but this happened to me. And I fell in love not long after that,” he said, referring to his split from Cass.

Karl was previously married to Cassandra Thorburn for 21 years.

“At the end of the day, it is what it is, and I’m in love. I’m sorry if that causes anyone any hurt. But I won’t be apologising to my nearest and dearest because I don’t need to,” he continued.

“It’s very difficult on everyone and you just do your best. It’s harder in the public eye.”

On the Uber scandal

Talking about the infamous leaked Uber phone call between he and brother Peter, Karl said Channel 9 bosses “weren’t happy” with the brothers afterwards.

“Let’s talk about that mouthy brother of yours,” Kyle quipped.

Karl joked that the pair “hadn’t spoken since” the Ubergate scandal, and when asked if he was “p—ed” that his brother had him on speakerphone in the back of an Uber Karl exclaimed, “What do you think!”

“[Pete’s] extremely apologetic. It’s just one of those things. Again, apologies for any offence caused,” Karl said.

Karl reveals the fall-out from the Uber scandal.

The Channel 9 star then went on to explain that executives at the station were less than impressed by the whole situation.

“Channel 9 weren’t happy and upstairs weren’t happy, and that’s fair enough,” Karl admitted.

“Whatever comes out of my mouth I’m responsible for, and if that bring the company into disrepute, that’s on me. So I accept full responsibility.”

On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship

The Today show, along with a horde of Australian media, flocked to London to cover possibly the biggest even of the year, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Karl however, appeared less-than-impressed to be there, complaining to Kyle and Jackie O that when filming wrapped, he struggled to find somewhere for a drink.

“They won’t last!” Karl takes a swipe at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage.

“London’s such a great town, but it closes at midnight. If I’m not finishing work until 1 am, where do you go? If you can’t go overseas and get really, really wasted, what’s the point?” he laughed.

Not comforted by the fact that he may not have to cover a royal wedding again as Harry and Meghan were the last of the young royals to wed, Karl blurted: “Harry and Megz won’t last long. He’ll get married again.”

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