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“A big family”: Why Karl Stefanovic’s bond with Ally Langdon isn’t like any TV relationship he’s had before

''She still makes me very nervous.''
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When Karl Stefanovic returned to the Today Show 12 months after he was axed on his honeymoon, he admitted his heart wasn’t in it.

“[Karl] is the first to admit he’d fallen out of love with morning TV,” Ally told Sunday Life in 2020.

But ever since they made an agreement “to be fun”, the pair have been going from strength to strength.

Karl and Ally’s bond is as close as family.

(Image: Nine)

During an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in May 2022, Karl came to Ally’s defence after a newspaper article accused her of “throwing a tantrum” when she wasn’t chosen to cover election night.

“[Allison] is the hardest-working person at Channel Nine. She comes into work with a broken leg [and] has punched out more great political interviews than anyone else at the network,” he said.

“[For her to] be fashioned into some kind of diva person for missing out on an election, I think that’s absolutely disgusting.”

Karl then added, “I’ve worked with divas,” before trailing off and forcing Kyle to interrupt and say, “Yes, I saw you ran into her during the week[end],” about his reunion with Lisa Wilkinson.

However, Karl and Ally were quick to brush off the comment.

“It’s never been like that on the show, really. We’re all in it together.”

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During a chat with TV WEEK in June 2021, the duo opened up about their close-knit relationship, which isn’t like anything the veteran morning show host had experienced in his long career.

“Ally came over with to her [Karl’s daughter Harper’s] birthday,” he shared. “It’s a big family. It’s never been like that on the show, really. We’re all in it together, and we’re all trying to do our best for each other.”

The co-hosts believe the secret to their success is keeping it serious and light-hearted at the right moments.

“It was probably the best thing for us to try to cement what we were going to be to the Australian public, which is informative, credible and then, finally, entertaining – the jovial stuff that comes with the mix of breakfast TV,” he told Now To Love.

Ally and her husband Michael pose for a selfie in Queenstown with Karl and his wife Jasmine.

(Image: Instagram)

“If you get the serious stuff right, you can peg back a few gears and have a bit of a laugh.”

He also gushed over Ally’s professionalism that she honed during her time on 60 Minutes – and it seems she keeps him on his toes like no other.

“She [Allison] still makes me very nervous whenever I come in, and she’s so well-prepared. And she’s so in the moment that I feel very intimidated,” he said.

However, Ally was quick to brush aside his praise.

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“Half of that is true. I do come in well-prepared. He’s never been intimidated,” she said.

It’s not just Ally and Karl that get along; their partners Jasmine Stefanovic and Michael Willesee Jr do too.

In June 2021, they even went on a double date to Queenstown in New Zealand, and they thrilled fans by sharing a group snap of each other while visiting the local town.

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