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Julia Morris says what we’re all thinking about THAT logo: “I wonder why I even bother getting out of bed”

The government is continuing to cop backlash over the odd image.
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Comedian Julia Morris has said exactly what we are thinking about that now-infamous Women’s Network logo.

The graphic debuted yesterday to much criticism due to its phallic shape, and the I’m a Celeb… Get Me Out of Here host had a lot to say about it.

She reposted the logo onto her Instagram alongside the caption: “Honestly, some days I wonder why I even bother getting out of bed.”

The logo in question (above) has stirred up discussion around Australia.

(Image: Instagram)

Julia continued to disapprove of the government’s choice to release the image, and after years of faux pas, she’s clearly exhausted like the rest of us.

“Not one person signing off on this thought to say… “is it just me, or… 🦉🦉🍆🙄 jx (for my global pals, this is the new logo for the Australian Prime Minister & Cabinet’s new Women’s Network),” she finished.

Her stance struck a chord with her followers, and MasterChef alum Poh Yeow commented under her post, “WOW.”

Other friends and followers seconded her testament by writing, “It’s a joke? Isn’t it? You made a joke?” and “Those days when the jokes just write themselves 😂 I wonder how much they paid the designer to come up with that?”

“Not one person signing off on this thought to say… “is it just me, or… 🦉🦉🍆.”

(Image: Instagram)

It wasn’t just Julia who spoke against the weird choice. Yumi Lee from the Older Women’s Network said the logo was “ludicrous” and “insulting” to SBS News.

“They have designed and used a logo for the Women’s Network which, when you look at it, is so insulting to us. It just totally illustrates how out of touch they are.

“It is demeaning, it is degrading, and it is a massive slap in the face.”

When SBS reached out to the Department of PM&C, they were told the logo was designed internally in a statement.

Julia’s stance on the image struck a chord with her followers.

(Image: Instagram)

“No external providers were engaged for this work.”

Julia has made more political stances on her Instagram to voice her concerns aimed at the current government.

After Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame addressed The National Press Club of Australia, she posted stills of the girls from the broadcast and wrote, “I’m not often inspired these days… but it’s been a heart swelling week. I was moved by all three speakers. Teaching & not preaching. Thank you jx.”

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