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Julia Morris reveals what caused her marriage breakdown

Self-love is key.
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Comedian Julia Morris was the first to admit her marriage to Dan Thomas was not perfect, but she has since come forward months after their divorce to shed some light on the breakdown.

Speaking on Nova’s breakfast radio show Fitzy and Wippa, Julia confessed her now ex-husband believed that giving compliments was “fake”.

Julia stated that Dan believed compliments were “fake.”

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“My ex husband thought that… that giving compliments is fake,” she said.

“Like I would frock myself up if we were having a night out and I said f-r-o-c-k frock myself out. I get all ready I come downstairs and he’d say ‘are you ready?'”

“So I would do stuff like, no wonder I’m so needy. I always do stuff like look in the mirror and be like oh Lady J, you’re looking beautiful tonight. That’s what I mean by self-saucing.”

“And he would say, when are you going to get changed?” Wippa asked.

“Exactly” she replied.

Self-love or “self-saucing” as Julia would call it, became a common practice to boost her own confidence.

“No wonder I’m so needy. I always do stuff like look in the mirror and be like oh Lady J, you’re looking beautiful tonight.”

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According to New Idea, it was believed the couple understood the relationship has “simply run its course” before calling it quits in mid-2022.

“It’s all very amicable. They are still figuring things out, but there’s two children involved and Julia and Dan are determined to put their daughters first,” a friend revealed in October.

They also confirmed there was no nastiness between Julia and Dan.

“They’ve been through a lot together and I think they realised it was time to move on. I’m pretty sure they will stay friends,” they added.

“It was time to move on.”

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After being in a relationship for two decades, the 2023 TV WEEK Gold Logie nominee admitted she had become “very good” at being a married woman.

“Well, it’s been 20 years since I was a single lady. And I don’t mean going out and picking up. I just mean, how do you respond to being a single person? ” she said.

“I’m actually I think I’m very good at being married. But I like that bit.”

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Earlier this year, Julia told Stellar she thought about leaving Dan “once a year” due to their arguments. But she also never imagined being without the man she nursed through breast cancer in 2012.

Fitzy suggested she set sights on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! co-host Dr Chris Brown but Julia found some problem areas with that love match.

“There’d not be anything more enticing than a woman who’s nearly you know, mid 50s with teenage children who’s been through an intense amount of trauma. I think I could be the lady of his dreams,” she joked.

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