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EXCLUSIVE: Julia Morris reveals the truth behind her plastic surgery transformation

''I would have to sleep for 30 years to look so fresh.''
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She’s funny and fearless, and last week comedian Julia Morris received accolades from celebrities and fans for publicly confessing to having had a brow lift and eyelid surgery to enhance her famous face, and deliver a youthful glow.

“The reason why I’m looking so fresh – I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I fully am – is because I had my eyes done,” she announced in a beauty tutorial on Instagram, before also posting before and after shots on social media.

“I had all of the beef cut out of my eyes. I’ve got absolutely no interest in anybody’s opinion on that but it’s something that I wanted to do for me.

“Because quite frankly, not only were my lids hanging over my lashes like a balcony, I looked like I was just tired and cross all the time. What a glow-up for this 53yr old.”

Last week, Julia posted her before and after pictures.

(Credit: Instagram)

Friends say the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! host was determined to own her plastic surgery and not hide the fact she did it for cosmetic reasons, with the bonus that it has improved her sight.

And there was no shortage of famous friends who were quick to congratulate Julia on her new look, and her brave decision to be honest about it, unlike many other “refreshed” celebs who often try and keep it secret.

Today Extra host David Campbell told her “You are and always have been an icon”, while his wife Lisa went one better saying she loved Julia for being “authentic, honest and amazing”.

Packed To The Rafters star Rebecca Gibney asked her to “book me in ploise”.

Former Sunrise host Melissa Doyle posted an emoji with love heart eyes, actress Debra Lawrance labelled it “magnifique”, singer Rhonda Burchmore thought it was “sensational” and TV presenter Jessica Rowe said she was “beautiful – inside and out”.

“I looked like I was just tired and cross all the time.”

(Credit: Instagram)

And there were also hundreds of positive comments from everyday Australians who commented that Julia’s surgery confession had only made them love her more, with one fan saying how much she admired her for not pretending it was the result of healthy eating and exercise.

“I would have to sleep for 30 years to look so fresh,” responded Julia.

Explaining that she got the surgery done in between lockdowns in Melbourne, the comedian also made a point of thanking her “amazing” plastic surgeon, Dr Andrew Greensmith, and revealed she paid for it and wasn’t posting about it as part of a sponsorship deal.

“The operation was pretty intense,” she says.

“It was a big deal. And for those of you who just think it’s cosmetic – of course, I went to make it cosmetic but here’s what my sight was like…

Julia has been quite candid about her botox use.

(Credit: Getty)

“I had lost 25 per cent of my upper peripheral vision (because her brow hung over part of her eyes).

“I actually have an optical reason to have it done but truthfully, I just wanted to look less curious.”

Julia, who has long cracked jokes about her regular Botox injections, says she realises people may go “spare” after finding out she’s had plastic surgery, but adds, “I can see better, which is the best.”

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