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John Cleese’s Walking Dead recap is everything a fan needs before new season


Season 7 of TV’s most watched show is about to hit our screens so there’s no better time to recap on what’s happened since the dead first walked on our screens in 20 – and who better to do that for us than huge fan, comedian John Cleese.

The Monty Python legend does a thoroughly British overview of the hit horror series covering the past six seasons – 70 hours, 83 episodes and 252 deaths – to bring all fans up to date for when the new season premiers next week (Monday, October 24, express from the US).

With his deadpan style, the 76-year-old describes lead character Rick Grimes as “essentially Clint Eastwood but a bit more sensitive”, calls sex “boffing” and refers to villain The Governor as “Patchy Pete”.

He also has some lessons for Walking Dead fans including “Lesson 1: Zombies are not called zombies”, and that Woodbury, where it’s all set, has a one-star rating on TripAdvisor.

Here’s the video:

Talking about why he as pulled together this video, the septuagenarian fan says: “I can’t get enough of The Walking Dead. The beautiful scenery, the emotional depths of the characters, and most of all, the gentle sprinkling of horrific barbarism.

“Hopefully fans will think the video is dead funny, and if not, I might just have to introduce them to Lucille personally,” he added, referring to Negan’s barbed, zombie-killing, wire-covered baseball bat.

WATCH: Here is a trailer for Walking Dead Season 7.

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