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How Jodie Foster is making her sons proud, one film at a time

Speaking to Woman’s Day Online at the Sydney premiere of Money Monster, the two-time Academy Award winner admitted that her sons are finally old enough to watch her films.
Jodie Foster

She may be the proud owner of two Oscars and three Golden Globes, but apparently no number of shiny, gold statues can guarantee a movie marathon from your biggest fans.

Speaking to Woman’s Day Online at the Sydney premiere of Money Monster, the blue-eyed beauty admitted the very sensible reason why her 17-year-old son Charles and his younger brother Kit, 14, were never allowed to see their mum’s movies.

“They never saw my movies growing up; I guess I made movies with lots of blood… so it didn’t really seem appropriate to show them many of my films.”

“It’s only recently that they’ve had a sense of what I’ve done in the past and it’s been really fun showing them.”

Jodie pictured with her eldest, and very tall son Charles.

After a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress-turned-director stopped by Sydney on a promotional tour for her latest flick, Money Monster.

The thriller takes us, the audience, on a tense journey as an irate investor who lost everything (Jack O’Connell) takes financial television host Lee Gates (George Clooney) hostage on live broadcast.

In the control room, the show’s producer (Julia Roberts) must work strategically against the clock to uncover the truth whilst simultaneously keeping her crew members alive.

Watch Jodie Foster talk about the chemistry between Julia Roberts and George Clooney in the video player below. Post continues…

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Whilst the blockbuster film touches on some incredibly mature themes, we simply couldn’t help but wonder if notorious friends Julia and George were able to stop their banter for enough time to shoot the scenes.

Shedding light on our queries, the award-winning actress explained why we won’t be seeing an epic blooper reel.

“George and Julia actually only appear in two scenes together since she’s in his ear and he’s looking through a camera lens at her,” Jodie told us.

“And even though they feel like they couldn’t be any closer, they really are just together virtually,” she began before letting slip that even Hollywood’s best actors have trouble controlling their language.

“Most of the bloopers are really just lines they’ve forgotten. It’s just one word over and over again!”

The best pals have undeniable chemistry onscreen.

Although undoubtedly her biggest movie, Money Monster is by no means her first.

The 53-year-old, who has admitted her desire to direct since the tender age of six, has now directed four incredible films.

Speaking of 50-year career in the spotlight, the Silence Of The Lambs star admitted that she still has a lot of work to do.

“I’m still learning! I started making movies when I was 27 and I’ve only made four so that’s not many. I’ve still got a lot to do, and I still have many stories to tell.”

“I’ll do lots of things in my life.”

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