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Jock Zonfrillo’s wife shares her first anniversary post after his passing

''These days seem unfair and unbearable''
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One month following MasterChef Australia judge and renowned chef Jock Zonfrillo’s tragic passing, his widow Lauren Fried shared a touching message to fans.

In a video posted to Jock’s personal Instagram account, Lauren broke her silence and thanked his fans for the ‘overwhelming’ amount of support.

Jock Zonfrillo passed away on April 30, 2023.

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“It’s been a month now since we lost Jock and I put a line in the sand thinking that at the one month mark I would turn some sort of a corner, um, obviously that hasn’t happened,” she said.

“And there’s no time that I could allocate to say thank you to everyone. I just am overwhelmed by the messages that came in from people from all over the world that knew him or didn’t know him.

“I really wish he knew how loved he was and he knew the impact that he had on so many people.”

Jock definitely left behind an impressive legacy and an everlasting footprint on this earth. But in her message, Lauren also revealed there is so much that fans didn’t know about yet and she is unsure of what to release and what to keep private.

“I really wish he knew how loved he was…”

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“Jock and I worked really hard on his social media and so I have to try and make a decision whether we keep it going or not. He had lots of projects he was working on, a lot that he finished and I just don’t know what’s appropriate or what you guys want to see on here,” she said.

Such projects included photos and behind-the-scenes interviews from MasterChef, books, a fashion range, and spirits which are ageing in a distillery in Tasmania.

Jock even filmed a television show with his family in Italy in 2022.

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Because Lauren is unsure of what is “appropriate or not” to release to the public, she asked fans to answer a poll on Instagram.

“And somehow we will work out whether there’s a path forward here, or if we don’t do anything at all.”

While numerous friends and fans shared their love to Lauren, they suggested that she should just do what was right to her and the family.

Lauren is using children’s books that touch on the subject of loss, like The Invisible String, to help her and Jock’s kids grieve and better understand his passing.

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Speaking of family, a few days after asking Jock’s fans for help, Lauren shared another update on Instagram. This time regarding how she’s helping her and Jock’s children understand what’s happened: with books.

“Books have been a bridge to help me explain to our little ones what has happened, what they are feeling, and that love is always around them,” she wrote.

“These are the top three (of many purchases) that the kids have connected with,” Lauren continued on the post, which consisted of three images of the books The Invisible String by Patrice Karst and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, The Goodbye Book by Todd Parr and Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen.

These books all delicately touch on the subject of loss in a way that’s accessible and appropriate for young children.

The day was spent surrounded by family and full of love.

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Although, there’s always some things that can’t be explained through a book. Lauren shared on the Zonfrillo Instagram that they were having Isla’s first birthday without her Papa.

In a heartbreaking caption, she explained the day without Jock, “Jock would have been up all night the day before, the first one out of bed in the morning. Menu planning for weeks. Then I would have fallen asleep on Jock’s chest after the party, talking through how it went, if Isla had a good time, did people eat and drink enough, would she remember any of it.”

“This year I did a BBQ and the rest of the food was outsourced to my sister and Mark. @avazonfrillo blew up the balloons. Uber delivered the cake. I cried as I dressed the kids. I fell asleep without Jock.”

“This exact day last year we were flying back from Rome, having started the plan for our new life together in Italy. A dream that never came to be.”

“For Jock to miss these days seems unfair and unbearable, and another of the firsts we are pushing through as a family. But our little ones are finding joy again, they are being the happy and cheeky children they always were, and I’m grateful that life keeps dragging us forward day by day.”

Despite the day being filled with joy, there were a few tears from the family.

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Lauren and Jock’s anniversary falls on New Year’s Day and unfortunately, it’s become much tougher this year.

In a post, Lauren said, “Happy anniversary My Love.”

“Our dream of growing old together in the middle of nowhere in Italy – kids and dogs under our feet, you laughing your enormous laugh, falling asleep on your chest – is so vivid.”

“That’s where I imagine you now.”

Jock Zonfrillo and his wife, Lauren on their wedding day.

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