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Jesinta opens up about Buddy and their post-honeymoon bliss

Even though it's back to work, the smitten model is still feeling those honeymoon vibes!
Jesinta Campbell

Jesinta Campbell surprised the nation when she announced her secret nuptials to AFL player Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin – by changing her Instagram moniker no less!

And the news of their ultra-secret wedding last November came only days after the 25-year-old TV presenter and model told The Today Show that the wedding was postponed, saying, “No, for us, this year was for focusing on health and happiness and getting through the year.”

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Jesinta & Buddy on their wedding day

The newlyweds headed off to the Gold Coast in Queensland for a romantic getaway before honeymooning in Nelson Bay on the NSW Central Coast.

When asked by the Kyle and Jackie O Show why they opted for the low-key vacay, she revealed that, “We went to Nelson Bay to chill and planned to book a big overseas trip, but we were so exhausted!”

The beloved Aussie model and her AFL beau certainly had a hectic 2016.

Last year, Jesinta launched her first book Live a Beautiful Life, all while still working as a David Jones Ambassador.

Backstage at their Autumn-Winter preview, OK! sat down with Jesinta to talk fashion trends, married life and whether Mrs Franklin has any plans with her beau for Valentine’s Day…


What’s it like being back at work?

I love being back! It’s hard to call it work sometimes.

Are you still in the honeymoon phase?

Definitely. I mean, not in “honeymoon mode” – so less cocktails, more exercising, less indulging, healthier eating… But I’m definitely still in the honeymoon bubble.

Were you thinking about walking the runway while you were honeymooning?

I didn’t think about work the entire time I was on my honeymoon! I think it’s really important to relax and live in the moment. So when I’m on holidays I really do indulge, I relax, I don’t exercise – I think I went for two runs over the four weeks I was away. I usually work out every day, so what else is a holiday for?

What did you do differently workout and food-wise to the last show you did?

I’ve been a lot more relaxed coming into this show than the last one, just because it’s Autumn-Winter and I was coming off the back of a honeymoon. I was like, ‘I’m going to work really hard and eat really healthy and hope the clothes fit!’

What are you going to be wearing this autumn-winter?

Lots of red – there’s a big injection of fire-engine red. It’s been burgundy for so long and I’ve just been like, “There are so many bright lipsticks I need to pair back with an outfit.” Also embellished denim, florals and bomber jackets. I always keep a bomber jacket in the back of my car, because when I go to the gym I like to wear it over my active wear to work in a bit of street style.

Is there anything you wear that Buddy doesn’t like?

I’ve got this little green olive sailor’s hat and he can’t stand it, but now I wear it because I know he doesn’t like it. He’s like, “Babe, that hat…” So the more he tells me he doesn’t like it, the more I’m going to wear it. I don’t know why he doesn’t like it! Other than that, he never really comments on what I’m wearing and I would never comment on what he’s wearing. He’s got it together.

What does he like to see you in?

I’ve got a pair of thigh-high leather boots that he really loves.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it?

We don’t usually, because we do nice little things for each other throughout the year. I usually get a big bunch of flowers from him, but I think because this is our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife we might book a nice dinner together.

What’s something you love about Buddy?

I can’t say everything because there are some things he can improve on (Laughs), like the washing. I love his sense of humour and his genuine, giving spirit. He’s a very giving person – he’d give the shirt off his back to someone.

And what would he say he loves about you?

My cooking (Laughs). We both make each other laugh a lot; we’re each other’s best friend. So yeah, we have the ability to make each other laugh a lot. I hope he’d say that!

Jesinta with her leading man

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