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Inside Jackie O’s multimillion dollar family home

You won't believe how much she spent on the property!
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Polarizing radio persona Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has made a multimillion-dollar purchase on her ”dream home” in the affluent eastern Sydney suburb Clovelly.

The 48-year-old dropped a cool $13.25 million on the three storey, six bedroom and three bathroom property that has panoramic ocean views across Gordons Bay.

Jackie ‘O’ purchased the property for more than $7m extra than when it was last sold in 2019 for half the price at $6m to JP Morgan Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Australia Kierin Deeming and his wife Justine Hall.

The view boasts panoramic views across Gordon’s Bay.

(IMAGE: PPD Real Estate)

In footage obtained from the auction, Jackie was over the moon to hear the hammer go down and have her bid confirmed as the winner, with daughter Kitty, 11, on hand to share in her mum’s excitement.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, selling agent Alexander Phillips of PPD Real Estate said that Jackie was remarkably down to earth at the auction.

”Most of these people [high profile buyers] don’t appear at auctions. [But] she didn’t seem to worry about it,” Alexander said.

”People knew it was her obviously. She is not pretentious in that way. All these celebrities have to sign confidentiality [documents], and then they decide not to come; they have someone else bidding for them. They try and hide, [whereas] she didn’t.”

The property was built in the 1960s.

(IMAGE: PPD Real Estate)

Elaborating further on the appeal of the property, Alexander said the ”unique” outlook was reminiscent of the Mediterranean to prospective buyers.

”It’s a one-off position, such a unique spot. That’s what really drove it. One of the few places along the eastern beaches where you don’t have a road in front of you, you look directly straight onto the waterfront.”

Despite the price tag and the oceanfront address that comes with the property, the Kyle and Jackie O co-host is reportedly set to undergo major renovations and modernize her new 1960’s style home prior to moving in.

Something tells us this kitchen will be rebuilt and refitted…

(IMAGE: PPD Real Estate)

It may even need a rebuild and lucky for her, council is already on board with some pre-existing, pre-approved Potter & Wilson designed plans from 2021 (including retention of the existing basement) to the cost of $2.985m.

Prior to her purchase, the property already had council approval for development.

(IMAGE: PPD Real Estate)

She is also reportedly ”excited” about the newfound sense of privacy that her future address could offer given the house is set back from the road, something her old address in Woollahra just couldn’t offer due to narrow streets.

”They were gazing in from the park and it’s just such a narrow street making it difficult to escape,” sources have previously told The Daily Mail in reference to the paparazzi frenzy outside Jackie O’s old address.

Her former family home was sold in 2020 and saw Jackie O walk away with an impressive $2m in profit after purchasing it for $11m ($1m over the asking price) just three years ago in 2020.

It is believed that the off-market sale was between $12m and $13m.

In the background you can see the plans for Jackie O’s dream house.

(Credit: Instagram)

She’s now given us a sneak peek into what the renovations might look like.

She’s working with Madeleine Blanchfield Architects who have previously designed gorgeous modern homes across Sydney, known for their simplistic and sleek designs.

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