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Jackie O: 50 years since her life fell apart

Fifty years ago, Jacqueline Kennedy's life fell apart in the most horrific and public of ways.
Jackie O

Fifty years ago, Jacqueline Kennedy’s life fell apart in the most horrific and public of ways.

On November 22, 1963, Jackie watched as her husband Jack Kennedy – the most popular president the US had ever seen – was shot three times as they drove through the streets of Dallas, Texas.

Half an hour later, he was pronounced dead and Jackie was widowed at just 34.

To commemorate the anniversary of that tragic day, we’ve put together a collection of pictures celebrating Jackie’s beauty, style and grace.

Jacqueline Kennedy. © Camera Press/ Jacques Lowe/Austral.

Jackie on her wedding day in 1953.

Jackie Kennedy was famous for her great beauty, pictured here in 1961.

John, Jackie and their children Caroline and John Jr at the White House in 1961.

Jackie was a style icon, pictured here in July 1961.

Jackie out for a ride with her children in November 1962.

The swearing in of LBJ just hours after JFK was killed.

Jackie with her children Caroline and John Kennedy Jr at JFK’s funeral.

Jackie with her husband’s brothers Edward and Robert at his funeral.

Jackie in Spain in 1966.

Jackie in September 1970.

Jackie in May 1973.

Jackie attending an art gala in October 1977.

Jackie in 1978.

Jackie watching a tennis tournament in August 1978.

Jackie at a Costume Institute Gala event in 1979.

Jackie in Washington in 1980.

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