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Is Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s custody battle almost over?

American singer Madonna is ready to stop litigation and end her bitter custody dispute with ex husband Guy Ritchie for the sake of her 15-year-old son Rocco.
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It’s been a long, tumultuous ride for Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, who are currently fighting it out in court for the custody of their teenage son Rocco.

But on Monday, the 57-year-old’s lawyer told the London High Court that the Vogue singer hopes to “heal the wounds” that have cut deep from the strain of the seemingly never-ending custody battle.

Rocco and dad Richie attended the court hearing last Thursday in London whilst mum Madonna was unable to attend due to an overlap in her Rebel Heart Australian tour dates.

Speaking on her behalf, David Williams QC told the judge that Madonna “doesn’t wish for these proceedings in England to continue any longer than necessary.”

“She views the prospect of further proceedings anywhere … with horror,” he said according to The Telegraph.

“What she has always sought to date is to find a way in which this family can come together to heal the wounds which have been inflicted on the family in the past four months or so,”

“She wants to chart a course for Rocco and the family to help put this behind them and restore peace to the family.”

Rocco doesn’t want to live with his mum, Madonna, and would rather stay in London with his father Guy.

It seems as if the ongoing dispute is beginning to crack the Material Girl’s usually strong exterior.

Last night whilst performing her Rebel Heart set-list at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, the mother-of-four had an onstage meltdown, rambling to the crowd and calling her ex-husband a “son of a b–ch” in between taking swigs of straight liquor from a fans hip flask.

“Someone please take care of me, please. Who is going to take care of me?” the 57-year-old asked the crowd before saying: “Please, someone f- -k me.”

Later in the performance, she dedicated a song to her son Rocco. Childhood photos of the blonde haired boy flashed across the big screens as she said: “If I have learned one thing in my life, it’s just go with it. If you just laugh, it doesn’t hurt as much.”

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But it’s not all drama for this high profile family, as this week, Madonna’s eldest daughter Lourdes Leon made her official modelling debut in a new campaign for British designer, Stella McCartney.

Lourdes, or ‘Lola’ as her friends and family call her, was announced as the new face of the POP Perfume campaign via the Stella McCartney Instagram page earlier this week.

The fashion house uploaded an image of the 19-year-old beauty sporting pale pink hair and minimal makeup as she stared down the camera lens.

Stella McCartney announced the 19-year-old will as the face of the new Pop perfume campaign, her first new fragrance in four years.

“So happy to have Lola on the POP team!” the designer captioned the photo.

“Lola, who I’ve known her entire life, is at the beginning of her career as a performing artist. She’s an independent, inspirational and free-spirited young woman.”

“Despite being born in the spotlight, she has kept her feet firmly on the ground!”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! The 19-year-old is a spitting image of her mum.

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