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iGeneration: Technology we can’t live without

For some people being without their iPad feels like losing an arm — only we’ve had those our entire lives. Apple’s tablet has, shockingly, only been in existence for three years today, yet many of us feel like we can’t live without it.

It wasn’t that long ago that “Googling” was not only impossible but a nonsense word. You didn’t have to confirm relationships with the click of a button to consider someone a “friend” as on facebook, and getting directions meant poring over an actual map, or even having to ask a stranger.

Here are 13 things we can’t live without, even though we did for so long.

The iPad turns three today. As of September last year 84 million had been sold.

Trying to remember life without Google is impossible. In 1998 it was still run out of a garage.

GPS has been guiding wayward drivers since 2003.

YouTube has only been around for eight years.

Twitter was only created in 2006.

More than one billion users can’t imagine life without Facebook, but it’s only nine years old.

eBay and Amazon.com were only launched in 1996. Now online shopping is ubiquitous and practically instant.

Day-to-day banking is much easier online. No queues!

Freed from the shackles of TV schedules, digital TV allows us to record and rewind.

Remember dial up? Wireless Internet came into play in 1999 but didn’t enter most homes until 2003/4.

The iPod only began to replace the humble Walkman in 2001.

Digital cameras didn’t become popular until the early 2000s.

Text messages have been around for more than 20 years but now we rely on them more than calls.

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