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How Harry won Cressida back after Las Vegas

Prince Harry was fresh from a romantic Caribbean getaway with new girlfriend Cressida Bonas when he was photographed, completely naked, with another woman.
Prince Harry and on again - off again love interest Cressida

Prince Harry and his current love interest, Cressida Bonas.

The shocking images – taken inside Harry’s Las Vegas hotel – made headlines around the world and convinced Cressida that the fourth in line to the throne was not the man for her.

“It set everything back and confirmed Cressida’s fears that dating Harry was trouble,” a friend tells the February issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly.

Harry refused to take no for an answer – he returned to the UK and wooed Cressida like never before, whisking her away on a romantic holiday to Botswana. But just weeks later, he was deployed to Afghanistan, leaving Cressida in London to fret about the future of their romance.

“Cressida was in a terrible state,” a family friend says. “She was in tears a lot, naturally worried about Harry, but also completely unsure about what to do in terms of their romance.

“All the while, Harry was writing these devastatingly romantic love letters, which made Cressie even more upset.

“Harry had asked Cressida to wait for him, but she was very divided. She didn’t know

if the relationship was what she wanted. She liked Harry, but she absolutely hated all the press attention.”

When Harry returned, the romance continued “hot and cold” until they attended the Glastonbury festival in June 2013. It was there, at an exclusive backstage party, that both Harry and Cressida threw caution to the winds and fell in love.

“Cressida was dancing like crazy and bouncing around the dance floor, and I have never seen Prince Harry so relaxed,” a friend says. “He was spooning her and they were openly kissing.

“It was the turning point. Cressida had finally given in and fallen for Harry.”

Cressida at Glastonbury in 2013 when she fell for Harry.

Fast-forward seven months and the world is waiting for the young couple to announce their engagement – but just how long we’ll be waiting is anyone’s guess.

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