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Mate vs. mate! Home and Away’s James Stewart and Ditch Davey’s friendly sports rivalry is alive and well

Battle of the states!
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Home and Away stars James Stewart and Ditch Davey share a close friendship off-screen but every year there’s an event which brews a friendly rivalry between them and last night, they battled it out.

The actors were turned against each other during the State of Origins tournament, with James securely barracking for Queensland and Ditch supporting New South Wales.

A pre-game selfie.

(Credit: Instagram)

On Wednesday evening, the close mates got together to cheer on their opposing teams.

Taking to Instagram to document their mate date, Ditch, who plays neurosurgeon Dr Christian Green on the show, shared a selfie with James alongside the caption: “Let’s get it on!!!”

James, who plays Justin Morgan, posted the same snap and mused: “QUEENSLANDAH.”

In the snap, proud Queenslander James dons his maroon jersey while Ditch wears a blue scarf to represent his alliance with NSW.

Sadly for Ditch, his beloved Maroons lost out to NSW in a devastating 50-6 result.

The boys’ Home And Away co-stars were quick to comment on their posts with Georgie Parker leaving a red love-heart emoji to show her support.

Meanwhile James’ wife and former Home And Away star Sarah Roberts remarked: “U lil cuties!!!! 😍😍.”

Their rivalry will never die: The boys also watched last year’s game together.

(Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Ditch and James made their sports rivalry public.

Last November, the co-stars got together to watch the game.

“I have a buddy now and I’m really happy about it.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Since joining the show LAST YEAR in the year, Ditch has formed a strong bond with James and the pair are often spotted hanging out together off set.

“He’s a consummate professional, funny and articulate. We’ve really hit it off. I have a buddy now and I’m really happy about it,” James told New Idea of their bromance.

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