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Holly Kingston gives Bachelor boyfriend Jimmy Nicholson a very relatable ultimatum before having kids

''When we have children and there's babies on the way, no more.''
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The Bachelor‘s Holly Kingston has given Jimmy Nicholson a very relatable ultimatum before they embark on their next chapter and start a family.

During a romantic dinner in Melbourne, the couple discussed their future together, prompting Holly to announce the pilot would have to give up one of his adrenaline-junkie hobbies before they have kids.

Jimmy is a motorcycle fanatic, and even took Holly out on his prized bike during one of their dates on The Bachelor.


“If you feel like you’ve got the need for speed and you want to hurt yourself with your motorbikes now, well that’s your own choice,” Holly told Jimmy in a cheeky video he shared to Instagram.

“But, when we have children and there’s babies on the way, no more. I’m not saying give up the bikes, I’m just saying don’t go any [faster] than 25km/h.”

The pair then shared a laugh, with Jimmy revealing the conversation started after Holly spotted a motorbike outside the restaurant they were dining at.

Jimmy, 32, has long been a motorcycle fanatic, and even took Holly out on his prized bike during one of their dates on The Bachelor.

Holly and Jimmy live together in Bondi.


Jimmy and Holly have gone from strength to strength since falling in love on the show and going public with their romance in September.

They’ve since moved in with each other in an apartment in Sydney’s Bondi, and confessed after the finale that they’re looking forward to life as a normal couple since Sydney’s second lockdown put a lot of things on hold.

“We skipped a lot of the first steps to a relationship, where you’re going on coffee dates or doing all the simple things,” Jimmy told TV WEEK at the time.

“So, we’re really looking forward to getting back to normal life.”

The pair have also openly discussed tying the knot and starting a family in the future. On an Instagram Q&A after the finale aired, Jimmy eagerly said he’s keen to have two kids, a boy and a girl, but Holly added she needs a bit more time.

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“We have talked about marriage extensively. I am trying to bring her down on the kid front, she’s telling me she needs three years and I think I have got her down to two,” Jimmy later told Confidential.

“Kids, marriage, it is definitely all on the cards.”

Holly added: “We’re just really lucky that our love story has been documented to show the kids one day. In a weird way, along with dad kissing other girls.”

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