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“Was it half a lifetime ago, or just yesterday?” Hillary Clinton shares a seventies throwback for her and Bill Clinton’s wedding anniversary

The couple have been together for 46 years.
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No matter the world’s opinions on the Clintons at any given time, it’s undeniable that they’ve masterfully weathered political storms and life in the public eye.

It has by no means been an easy feat, but Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton have ushered in another year of marriage, and they’ve almost met the half a century mark.

The couple met at Yale University in 1970 and married five years later. after their paths fatefully crossed.

Taking to her Instagram to celebrate the monumental occasion, Hillary shared a rare throwback from their wedding.

In her caption, the 73-year-old shared her disbelief over the time that has seemingly flown past.

“Was it half a lifetime ago, or just yesterday? Happy anniversary, Bill,” she wrote.

“Was it half a lifetime ago, or just yesterday?”

(Credit: Instagram)

Bill and Hillary look besotted with one another in the vintage snap as they gaze lovingly at each other.

Their wedding style was very on-trend for the mid-70s, as Hilary’s dress included puffy sleeves and a neckline fit for a queen.

Bill’s spotty tie and pinstriped black suit was also a fun take on traditional groom tuxedos.

The Clintons’ 1975 wedding was anything but traditional as they opted for a small ceremony in their living room with only 15 people in attendance.

In 2019 on ABC’s Good Morning America Hillary shared that marrying her husband is the “gutsiest” thing she has ever done in her private life.

The couple wed in 1975.

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During her appearance with her daughter Chelsea, 41, to promote her new book, The Book of Gutsy Women, she explained why their lucrative careers made staying married a challenge.

“I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done — well, personally, make the decision to stay in my marriage,” she said.

“Publicly, politically, run for president. And keep going. Just get up every day and keep going.”

Bill was also honest about the hard work they have put in to help their union survive in his infamous 60 Minutes interview.

“You’re looking at two people who love each other. This is not an arrangement or an understanding. This is a marriage,” he said.

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Despite their challenges, the couple boasts a loving family.

Their only daughter Chelsea married Marc Mezvinsky in 2010 and now Bill and Hillary are proud grandparents to Charlotte, Jasper and Aidan.

“I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done.”

(Credit: Getty)

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