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“I was not a gentleman”: Guy Sebastian reflects on his split from wife Jules

“It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche.”
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Guy Sebastian — singer-songwriter, proud dad-of-two and incredibly buff human — has opened up about his enviable relationship with his wife Jules, revealing that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

During an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday, the singer-songwriter admitted that his long-time partner once broke up with him.

“She left me before,” he admitted. “I was a rubbish boyfriend and I was never there.”

“I was not a gentleman,” the singer continued. “I didn’t believe in opening doors. It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche.”

The duo, who began dating as teenagers in 1999 (!!) before tying the knot in 2008, managed to reconcile after a few weeks.

But, like every relationship, they have their moments…

“It’s usually centred around how messy I am. And then I get offended,” he told Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa. “She sent me a message the other day saying, ‘the house is so clean. I’ve just cleaned everything. When you come home can you just not leave a trail…'”


The first ever Australian Idol winner (remember, waaay back in 2003?), went on to share some pretty sage relationship advice.

“I use this leaky boat analogy all the time, just because of how wise I am,” he explained. “We’re all really on leaky boats aren’t we? I think there’s holes in every boat; a relationship is a leaky boat and you either decide to get down there and you patch them, and you keep going – you stay afloat… but people tend to jump ship very easily.”

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This isn’t the first time the musician has opened up about his personal life.

Speaking with Now To Love earlier in the year, the Malaysian-born, Adelaide-raised star spoke candidly about exactly what makes his marriage tick.

“I think we just made a decision to love each other. We’re not competitive and we champion each other,” he said.

“I think it’s OK to be competitive with yourself but with your partner, you should just champion them. We’re not the gurus, we have our ups and downs but we just made a decision to endure our differences,” he continued.


“It’s a slippery slope when you start to concentrate on the negative points of any sort of relationship, but when you really look at the good things and you pour your energy to go ‘you know what, she’s really good at this and she’s really great at that and man, imagine if I was stuck with someone who didn’t do this the way she does that.’”

He added: “I think that’s how you have to get through your relationship because otherwise you start doing the grass is greener thing.”

The couple share two darling sons Hudson, five, and Archer, three.

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