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EXCLUSIVE: Guy Sebastian talks babies, bromance and getting the snip

The most surprising chat we've had in a long time...

By Bella Brennan
When Now To Love sat down with Guy Sebastian, we didn't expect the conversation to go where it went.
But the Mind On You hitmaker is a very open book.
Hell, the book was thrown out the window as he opened up about his very real and romantic relationship with celebrity stylist, Jules Sebastian, how they travel with their two sons Hudson, four, and Archer, two, and whether a third baby is on the cards.
It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since the nation became transfixed with the Australian Idol hopeful and his perfectly coiffed fro.
Fast forward to 2017 and when the 35-year-old isn't working on new music or touring the world, you'll find him hanging out with his gorgeous family and planning his next holiday...

You and Jules have been married for nine years and counting - what the devil is your secret?

I think we just made a decision to love each other. We’re not competitive and we champion each other.
I think it’s OK to be competitive with yourself but with your partner, you should just champion them. We’re not the gurus, we have our ups and downs but we just made a decision to endure our differences.
It’s a slippery slope when you start to concentrate on the negative points of any sort of relationship, but when you really look at the good things and you pour your energy to go “you know what, she’s really good at this and she’s really great at that and man, imagine if I was stuck with someone who didn’t do this the way she does that.”
I think that’s how you have to get through your relationship because otherwise you start doing the grass is greener thing.
Flashback! A baby-faced Jules and Guy attend the Urban Music Awards back in 2006.

Why baby number three makes him feel queasy and having The Snip

I think it would have to be a serious hiccup for us to have a third. I keep saying to Jules I need to go get the snip. I don’t think either of us could fathom it [a third baby]. We feel like we’re approaching the dream age with both our boys.
If she got pregnant, we would feel like vomiting at the thought that we are starting again. I think Jules is well and truly done.
I haven’t really looked into it [a vasectomy] but I would do something like that. When Jules is on a whole lot of [contraception] pills, she’s done it in the past and she hates it because it really does altar her moods and hormones. She notices it the minute she goes on it, it throws her hormones right out.
She doesn’t want to do it and I’m not going to force her to do it, I may as well just get the snip. The thought of it really scares me, though!
The singer says baby number three is off the cards and he'd consider having a vasectomy.

As AirAsia's ambassador and a seasoned traveller, what are your best tips to surviving flights with kids?

I think first of all, it’s not going to be as bad as you think.
We’ve got really high maintenance children. Our eldest Hudson has to have our attention 24/7. He’s been a really difficult kid and very needy so we always have major anxiety flying with the kids.
We did it recently when we went to Mauritius and had a nine hour layover. We were so anxious but we got to KL and it was actually pretty sick because there was so much to do.
My main tips would be don’t be too anxious because it’s going to be better than you think. I’d also say don’t worry about people – people have kids! Every time I sit next to parents who are stressing out about their kids being too loud, I try and reassure them we’ve all been there.
I think people who make them feel bad or roll their eyes are just dicks. I just think they’ve never had kids or they’re lucky enough to have had the perfect kid. I think getting rid of the stress initially is the biggest thing because travelling should be fun and if you’re anxious, they will sense it and play up.
Also have stuff for them to do. We are always limiting screen time but when you’re travelling, screw the rules and trying to be the perfect parent. Friggin give them an iPad and maybe even sweets! It’s tough for them too, they’re not used to sitting in the same place for ten hours so break the rules.
Just do whatever gets you to the other end – it’s not about trying to be parent of the year on a flight, it’s about getting through it.

On why he was an outcast in his younger years

I didn’t have the best school memories in Malaysia, I was really scared.
Believe it or not, I was a white kid. Even though I’m brown-skinned now, when I was young I was white with goldie-brown hair and it was dead straight, it was so weird. Because my mum has blue eyes but was born in India, I had more of my mum’s genes.
I was a proper outcast, it was weird. I didn’t speak any Malay, because mum and dad only spoke English at home so the teacher hated me and was just a bit of a bitch. She had to repeat everything, it was a bit of a traumatic experience.
It wasn’t until I came to Australia when I was six and went to school here, it was such a nice experience.
WATCH: Guy performs at Eurovision. Post continues after the video...

Why their next family getaway has a very special meaning

I’m gearing up for a trip to see how my mum grew up. I’ve never been to India and my mum’s from India and I’ve got heaps of family there.
I’m really wanting to visit where she’s from. I’m also looking forward to taking the kids to where I was born and went to school.

On the duet the nation is hanging out for and THAT Instagram post teasing Shannon Noll

For Shannon Noll and me to duet, I think it would have to be for a cause, otherwise it would be too cheesy and cliché.
If we came together for something – I’ve got the Sebastian Foundation – if there was some philanthropy and a heartbeat behind it, I think it would make sense.

I rang Shannon before I posted it (above), we’re really good mates. I was like: "Dude, I think this will be hilarious. Do you care?" And he was like: "oh god, of course not! That will be funny."
We all have a bit of rough night, we all have a bit of a bender. Shannon’s a great bloke, he’s got a good heart. I just thought the whole thing was very Aussie and to be honest, it’s almost really difficult to get thrown out of the Crazy Horse so good on Shannon.
Guy and Shannon back in their Australian Idol days.