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Splashin’ in love: Grant Hackett is taken with Allison Schmitt

She's freestyled right into his heart!
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Troubled Olympic swimming champion Grant Hackett is doing much better.

His friends tell Woman’s Day exclusively, that it is partly down to his close friendship with US Olympic swimmer Allison Schmitt.

The 37-year-old recently relocated to Melbourne to be closer to his eight-year-old twins Jagger Emilio and Charlize Alley, who he shares with his ex-wife Candice Alley.

Grant and Allison spent time in Melbourne.

The duo seem completely at ease with one another.

It’s believed they were introduced by their mutual friend Michael Phelps.

Last week, Allison, 27, flew Down Under, and was spotted with the sports star in his new hometown of Melbourne.

“She’s a complete breath of fresh air and she understands the demons he’s faced in the past,” a close friend of Grant told us.

This pal mused that while so far it’s platonic, everyone is hoping that will change.

“She’s a complete breath of fresh air!”

“She understands the demons he’s faced in the past.”

Allison has done significant work in raising awareness for mental health.

It’s believed the duo, with some of their other friends thinking they’re already in a relationship, were introduced to one another by fellow Olympic swimmer and longtime pal, Michael Phelps.

One thing is certain, Allison is very important to Grant.

Back in May, Grant flew into New York to help the swimmer celebrate a huge achievement.

Grant is in a much better place.

“Great to see @arschmittyrecognised and rewarded for all her amazing work on mental health,” he proudly gushed alongside a snap with Allison and her sister Kristen.

“Her sister @kirstengator got to present her with the award last night in NYC. An incredibly great person with a big heart – well deserved. Not to mention a 4 time Olympic Gold Medallist!!!!”

Before adding, “Huge achievements both in and out of the water.”


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