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Fifi Box debuts her new mystery man at her daughter’s birthday party

The radio star is officially off the market.
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Just days after Fifi Box let it be known she was “officially off the market”, having been swept off her feet by a “hot dad”, she has outed her new boyfriend, Rocky!

The 46-year-old radio personality couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she stepped out with her new man to celebrate her youngest daughter Daisy’s fourth birthday last week, with her eldest daughter Trixie, 10, and his two children in tow.

Rocky was seen laughing as he helped carry a tray of goodie bags – already delegated to dad duties! – to the Disney-themed birthday party before planting a big kiss on Fifi!

The couple were all smiles as they carried in the Disney Princess goodie bags.

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The star excitedly told her listeners the happy news on her breakfast show Fifi, Fev & Nick last week, revealing that she had a crush on Rocky after eyeing him off on the school run in Melbourne, and even had a nickname for him with her mates.

“He was one of the dads at school pick-up,” she laughed. “‘Hot Dad’ was his nickname!”

While they had admired each other on numerous occasions, Fifi said she hadn’t found a way to talk to him until an epic meltdown in the park brought them together.

The new couple followed along behind the birthday girl.

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“I have my daughter Daisy to thank for that. She threw the mother of all tantrums – she hadn’t slept, she turned it on,” Fifi laughed.

“I think I was dragging her across the playground thinking it’s so embarrassing and I looked up at him and he was laughing his head off.”

Fifi added that while she “doesn’t get crushes very often”, handsome Rocky “piqued my interest”.

The new couple shared a romantic moment.

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Despite labelling herself a “hopeless romantic”, Fifi has chosen to keep her love-life a mystery in the past, with her secret relationship with former Ironman Grant Kenny – and their subsequent child Trixie – only becoming public knowledge in 2016, four years after they split.

Earlier this year, the star revealed she chose to put love on the backburner in order to have another child through IVF.

“I thought, I’ve got the rest of my life to fall in love but I don’t have the rest of my life to have this baby,” she said.

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