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“I have to use my voice and use it for good – and I’ve got a platform to do that”: Erin Molan on how she brings herself, her daughter and her female followers up

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Erin Molan chats to us about where she gets her incredible strength and drive.
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Erin Molan is many things – an accomplished television presenter, an ambassador and an influencer to the masses.

But above anything else, Erin is a mother – and that itself is enough to fill her with all the purpose and ambition to strive for a better, kinder, equal world.

As International Women’s Day approaches, Erin sat down with The Weekly to chat about how far she’s come – it’s common knowledge that her journey hasn’t exactly been smooth.

But in her own words, “there’s always a positive that comes out of the hard stuff.”

And that, it seems, is the mantra she hopes to highlight to her daughter, herself, and thousands of others.

The tough times only make your stronger, Erin says.


Erin welcomed her first child, a daughter named Eliza Emily Ogilvy back in 2018 with partner Sean Ogilvy.

It marked a new chapter for the Channel Nine sports presenter – one full of possibility, but also, a huge amount of responsibility.

“International Women’s Day means a lot more to me now I’m the mother of a little girl,” she tells us.

“I’ve never really been what you’d refer to as a kind of raging feminist, but I’ve always seen myself as an equal.”

But in a career dominated by males, the journey to backing herself alongside her colleagues had all the makings of a tough, uphill journey. Luckily for Erin, she’s been surrounded by the best.

“I’ve been so blessed to work with so many incredibly supportive women but, I’ve also worked with some incredibly supportive men – I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today without some of the powerful men who decided to back me and give me an opportunity.”

Working in a male dominated industry isn’t easy, but Erin has been fortunate to be surrounded by supportive colleagues of the opposite sex.


Erin has also been vocal about the viciousness of online trolls, a feat which has led her to campaign for government legislation that would see apps such as Facebook and Instagram remove severely harmful, abusive or bullying content within 24 hours, or face restrictions within Australia.

For women, the online abuse can be all-consuming – but Erin is living proof that good can always reign over evil.

“Women are certainly victims of [online hate]… I’m hoping that this new legislation will eradicate abuse not only for women but for people of all genders and backgrounds.

“It’s also important to remember that this is not a celebrity issue or a reality star issue, this is an issue affecting many people.”

Her passion and dedication to the cause is no small feat – and everything is on purpose.

“I have to use my voice and use it for good – and I’ve got a platform to do that.”

“I have to use my voice and use it for good – and I’ve got a platform to do that.”


Moving forward, Erin has learned a lot in her time – facing constant scrutiny at the hands of thousands of viewers and people online.

But all of that has only made her stronger – and given her hope and drive to bring her daughter up with similar values.

“I’d like to instil in her good attitudes when it comes to to her body, when it comes to what matters in life and it should not be to focus on the aesthetic.”

“You know, this younger generation is using with Instagram and the like and there’s this real focus on what you look like, and changing what you look.

“Filters and the whole shebang, I worry about young people really buying into that and not understanding that it is all fake and not real.”

She continued: “I hope to teach her that health and happiness is the most important thing in the world, that family is everything and that whatever she chooses to do, she’ll be supported.”

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