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Ellen DeGeneres to be sued

One of Ellen’s popular segments on her daytime talk show has landed her on hot water after a woman took offence to the way she pronounced her name.

Funnywoman Ellen DeGeneres is constantly making jokes – that’s why she’s successful, after all. But this time, she’s been sued for one of her jokes.

During her daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she mispronounced a woman’s name to make a breast joke – and let’s just say, this lady is not laughing.

Titi Pierce, 35, whose first name is pronounced “Tee Tee”, is taking Warner Bros Entertainment Inc (the parent company of the show) to court after the comedian called the real estate agent “Titty Pierce”.

Ellen read out the woman’s adverts during a segment called What’s wrong with these ads… and these signs?

Watch the segment in the video player below, and decide whether you think it’s worth suing over. Post continues…

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The lawsuit read: “In all of her 35 years of life, no one has ever referred to Ms Pierce as ‘titty’ until the Defendant did so on February 22, 2016 on national television.”

It then led to “immediate ridicule” from the audience. She is also claiming that they intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

The Emmy award winning show’s producers have also been hit with the lawsuit as they didn’t blur out the Georgian woman’s mobile number on the show, to which she claims that she then received “ridiculing and harassing” phone calls while she was attending a family funeral.

Her name, Titi is of Nigerian origin which translates to ‘flower’.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages and demanding they never show the segment again – on TV or social media.

This story originally appeared on Australian Women’s Weekly

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