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“I quit!” The startling moment Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew threatened to quit her job live on air

Edwina has had enough!
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Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew has had the most relatable reaction ever to a startling new report which shines a light on the true impact of sleep deprivation on new mothers.

A new study conducted by UCLA and published in the Sleep Health journal has found a mum’s lack of sleep in the first six months after welcoming a baby can age them by a staggering seven years… as if new mums didn’t already have enough to worry about!

The paper studied 33 mothers over the course of their pregnancies and the first 12 months of their babies’ lives and found those who got less than seven hours of sleep a night were biologically three to seven years older than their actual age compared to those who clocked up seven or more hours of shut eye.

The concerning results were explained to the Sunrise panel on Friday morning’s episode by reporter Kristina Harazim.

Upon hearing the news Edwina, who is the mother to 18-month-old daughter Molly, jokingly threatened she was going to quit her job.

On Friday’s episode of Sunrise, entertainment reporter Edwina Bartholomew jokingly “quit” her job after hearing the results of a new report about sleep deprivation and new mothers.

(Image: Sunrise)

“Thanks Kristina, really appreciate that cross,” the 38-year-old dead-panned.

“Between covid, climate change and everything else that’s happened this week… that is it, I’m out, I quit. That is the worst news ever,” the reporter laughed as she threw a piece of scrunched up paper over the table.

Meanwhile Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr pointed out that there was no need to conduct the study as most mums already knew looking after babies aged them greatly.

“But also, isn’t that a bit of a derr moment, didn’t we already know that?” Nat, who has two grown up sons, Lachlan and Hunter, pointed out.

“A lot of the world have been mothers, so they could have just asked them?!”

“Didn’t we already know that?” Nat Barr pointed out of the studies’ results.

(Image: Sunrise)

Edwina welcomed her first child, Molly, in December 2019 with husband Neil Varcoe.

The entertainment reporter has previously opened up about the intense sleep deprivation that comes with motherhood.

“I don’t think I’ve had a solid night’s sleep in about a year,” the journalist told TV WEEK last year.

“And Molly, by comparison, is a fairly good sleeper. But I’m either getting up for her, or I’m getting up for work at 3.30am.”

Proud mum Edwina with her daughter Molly.

(Image: Instagram)

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