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You’ll never believe what Katrina Warren from Harry’s Practice looks like now

What is the much-loved Australian vet and TV personality doing now?
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Much-loved Australian vet, TV personality and pet travel expert, Dr Katrina Warren was a regular feature on our TV screens from 1997 to 2003 as a presenter on popular Seven show Harry’s Practice.

She reappeared on our screens in 2003 in Beverly Hills Vet – a show produced by Animal Planet – and again in 2004 as a contestant on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars, but what is the beloved TV vet up to now?

Dr Katrina in 2003 whilst filming Harry’s Practice.

(Image: Instagram)

Well judging by her social media and TV appearances the 55-year-old veterinarian has never been busier!

With her significant social media profile, TV guest spots, ambassador and animal charity roles, Katrina is still very much apart of the Australian media landscape.

When talking to New Idea in June last year, Katrina revealed that her vet profession keeps her very busy.

“People think I’ve disappeared from TV, which I guess in a way I did because Harry’s Practice concluded,” she told the magazine.

“But within my profession as a media vet, I am still promoting responsible pet ownership, pet advice and sharing joyful animal stories through various media platforms.”

Dr Katrina Warren is still helping educate others on how to best care for their pets.

(Image: Instagram)

As for her fellow Harry’s Practice co-stars, Dr Harry Cooper and Dr Chris Brown, Katrina says they’re still in touch.

“Harry, Chris and I cross paths all the time. It’s always lovely to catch up with them both,” Katrina told New Idea.

Then VS now – the popular vet doesn’t appear to have aged at all since the early 2000’s!

(Images: Instagram)

The mother of one is based in Sydney and along with ambassador roles for pet brands, creating fun and informative video for Instagram and Tik Tok, Dr Warren also makes regular appearances – alongside her border collie Chilli – on the Today show and Today Extra.

Dr Katrina Warren is now a regular expert guest on the Today show and Today Extra.

(Image: Instagram)

What’s on the cards for the celebrity veterinarian’s future? When speaking to New Idea she seemed to be open to most on-screen opportunities.

“I did the first season of Dancing with the Stars and I have no desire to embarrass myself again,” she jokes.

“However, if the right show came along that allowed me to enhance people’s relationships with their pets, I would do that.”

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