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Delta Goodrem and Keith Urban have an Aussie reunion

They've been besties for a long time!
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Delta Goodrem’s making a list – and checking it twice! – of people she wants to catch up with over the festive season, and at the top of it is her good friend Keith Urban.

According to an insider, the 38-year-old singer is thrilled her former The Voice co-judge is back home after kicking off his Australian tour last week.

“Keith and Delta go way back and they’ve got a lot of time for each other,” a source tells Woman’s Day of the stars.

“They really bonded on the set of The Voice over the years, which is no surprise – they have very similar personalities and approach their music in the same dedicated way.”

The pair were judges on The Voice.

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But a catch-up over Christmas drinks won’t be the first time the pair, who last worked together on The Voice in 2012, have recently got together.

“They’ve stayed in touch over the years. Keith loves to nurture young talent and has kept an eye on Delta’s impressive career trajectory over the years.

“He was so happy for her that she scored a coveted gig supporting the Backstreet Boys on their US tour this past year – his tour even briefly crossed paths with hers in Florida over the summer and they were able to have a quick meet-up.”

And the insider says Delta finds 55-year-old Keith’s advice about the music biz invaluable. Delta desperately wants to tap into the US more now than ever, and is desperate to pick Keith’s brain about it while he’s home in Australia over Christmas.

“Delta is all too aware of just how famous and beloved Keith is in the US, and she wants a piece of that pie. Luckily, Keith’s keen to help her.

“They talk all the time and will be meeting up over the next month or so. He’s even offered her a place to stay in Nashville because he thinks she’ll find that scene easier to crack than LA.”

Of course, Keith shares a home in the country music capital of the US with wife Nicole Kidman, also 55, and their daughters Sunday, 14, and Faith, 11, who he’s spending Christmas in Sydney alongside his wife’s extended family.

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And the insider says the actress is all-for Keith helping Delta out.

“Nicole is used to Keith mentoring younger performers, so she doesn’t mind this cosy friendship,” says the source.


But the insider says there are questions over how Delta’s partner, muso Matthew Copley, 36, feels about it.

“When Matt and I work together, it’s really easy to go straight to the core of our feelings because we’re living and breathing life together all the time,” says Delta. “It’s wonderful…”

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But the source explains it would be understandable if the rocker is feeling a little insecure about Delta’s growing bond with the Somebody Like You singer.

“Matt’s been on the road with her for years as her guitarist, creative partner and romantic soulmate, now Delta’s going all gaga over Keith instead,” shares the insider. “If he was feeling a bit jealous of Delta and Keith’s friendship, you couldn’t blame the guy.”

But Delta has set things straight, gushing about the pair’s romance, which they made public in 2019. “We have a lot of love and respect for each other,” she says.

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