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EXCLUSIVE: Davina Rankin’s plan to get pregnant and cash in on a baby business

But who will the father be?
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Married At First Sight‘s Davina Rankin is set to bring even more drama as NW can reveal her secret plan to get pregnant.

The personal trainer, 26, who attempted to ditch her hubby Ryan Gallagher for Tracey Jewel’s fella Dean Wells, confessed during an interview with her favourite magazine how a baby will both boost her PT business and bank balance.

“I think people [will] respect you a little bit more,” Dav says, while discussing how her changing body wouldn’t stop her hitting the gym.

“You can show your clients how you can still have a healthy lifestyle, too, despite having a new baby. It kind of opens you up to a new market.

“Actually, maybe I should just go and get pregnant now?”


But who would the dad be… Ryan or Dean?

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