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Today Extra host David Campbell’s sweet message to his formally estranged father, Jimmy Barnes

''We love you so much.''
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Today Extra host David Campbell is in a good place with his formally estranged father, Australian musician Jimmy Barnes.

Despite a difficult start to their relationship, the two have been able to create a healthy relationship

To celebrate his father’s 65th birthday, David shared a charming and gracious message in honour of his dad to his Instagram account.

David and Jimmy making music together.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Happy birthday to my Dad. You show us the way forward everyday. Thank you for being the best Grandfather to Leo, Billy and Betty. We love you so much @jimmybarnesofficial,” David lovingly penned.

He posted a selfie with Jimmy, pictures of him holding his grandchildren and a lighthearted moment playing music together.

Jimmy took to the comments to add a wholesome message in response to his son’s birthday wishes.

“Love you guys too,” said Jimmy.

David’s co-host Sylvia Jeffrey’s also chimed in to share her love for the family, she wrote, “Happiest of days to you @jimmybarnesofficial ❤️.”

Jimmy with his partner in doting grandfather mode.

(Credit: Instagram)

There are many layers to David’s family life growing up, and it is like something out of a television drama.

Growing up, David grew up in the care of his maternal grandmother, believing his teenage mother Kim was his sister and Jimmy was just a “family friend.”

It wasn’t until he was ten years old that he learnt the truth to his family dynamic – his “sister” was in fact his biological mother.

The father-of-three admitted to The Australian Woman’s Weekly that although he wasn’t emotionally equipped to handle the news, it was still a blessing.

“I inherited this amazing family,” David, pictured with his father Jimmy Barnes, says.

(Credit: Instagram)

“I inherited this amazing family,” David told Woman’s Weekly.

One would assume that finding out your real father is a famous Australian musician would be quite the shock, but David admitted on ABC’s Talking Heads that finding the truth out about his mother was an even bigger deal.

“It was quite a shock. It was probably more a shock finding out that my mother was my sister,” he said, adding that it “opened up a whole Pandora’s box of emotions.”

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