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A complete timeline of Celebrity Apprentice star Darren McMullen’s ex-girlfriends

Darren's been a busy boy!
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Can you believe it’s been more than 10 years since Scottish-born, Aussie TV star Darren McMullen first burst onto our screens as an MTV VJ?

The scruffy-haired larrikin has since cleaned up his act a little and enjoyed a hugely varied and successful TV career, as the host of The Voice, followed by an acting role on House Husbands, a singing stint on The Masked Singer as well as being the surprise breakout star of Channel Nine’s SeaChange revival.

In his latest TV gig, Darren is battling it out among fellow household names on Celebrity Apprentice, where he’s showed off his impressive business prowess all while trying to avoid being fired by Lord Alan Sugar.

Despite getting into several heated clashes with The Block star Ronnie Caceras and model Jarrod Scott, Darren has proved his critics wrong and made it to the competition’s top four.

Splitting his time between Sydney, Los Angeles and the UK, Darren has dated some stunning leading ladies over the years – and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

Keep scrolling for a complete timeline of Darren’s ex-girlfriends.

Crystal Reed: 2013-2019

Darren at Crystal at the 2018 Golden Globes.

(Image: Getty)

Darren dated the gorgeous American Teen Wolf actress for six years, before the pair called it quits in 2019.

The break-up came as a surprise, seeing as Darren had previously gushed about his girlfriend in interviews.

He revealed that he would like to have kids, but the couple wanted to refrain from tying the knot until same-sex marriage became legal in Australia (that happened in 2017).

“Crystal and I met in 2013 at a bar in LA. She’s from Detroit and is half-Polish, half-Native American. She’s fiery, strong, independent and creative,” he told Sunday Life.

“I noticed her as soon as she walked into the bar. On her way to the bathroom she smiled at me and when she came out I introduced myself. She understood my humour and was giving it back to me as fast as I was serving it, which is what I liked about her.”

The adorable couple split after six years.

(Image: Getty)

“I have always been surrounded by strong women and it has made me a feminist. Crystal is also a feminist. I couldn’t date any other kind of woman.”

But Darren was always open about how tough distance was on their relationship.

“We are often separated by work. When that happens we talk six times a day, but she’d prefer 10 or 15 times. She likes to Skype, which gets a little frustrating – the best way for me to handle the distance is to switch off a little. We support one another with our work schedules and we try not to spend more than two weeks apart,” he said.

It seems marriage also wasn’t a huge priority for the pair.

“Marriage has never been that important to me. I would definitely do it for the party and to get my family and friends together but it’s not such a big thing for Crystal and me at this point,” Darren previously said.

At a film premiere in 2015.

(Image: Getty)

Delta Goodrem: Mid-late 2012

The duo pictured at the 2015 Logie Awards together.

(Image: Getty)

Darren and Aussie pop starlet Delta Goodrem met on the set of The Voice and reportedly had a brief but steamy romance, with the pair spotted kissing at a Lady Gaga concert in Sydney in June 2012.

But according to reports at the time, the romance had fizzled out by August that year.

“We were just two very young single people who would hold hands occasionally,” he told Austereo. “We are still very close”.

Both Darren and Delta have never officially confirmed they were dating, just that they were close friends who hang out.

“Delta Goodrem and I were never in a confirmed relationship. We liked each other and hung out and now we are close friends,” he told Sunday Life.

Roxanne Pallett: Early 2012

Darren and Roxanne at a film premiere in January 2012.

(Image: Getty)

British actress and reality star Roxanne Pallett was pictured arm-in-arm with Darren on the red carpet at a film premiere in London in January 2012.

Despite never confirming their romance, the couple looked super cute at the event, posing happily for the cameras.

They’re so cute!

(Image: Getty)

Rechelle Jenkins: 2009-2011

One of Darren’s worst heartbreaks involved Australian model Rechelle Lee Jenkins. The pair were engaged for two-and-a-half years until 2011 when she brutally dumped him.

“I was engaged to Rechelle but we broke up in January [2011]. It was a heartbreaking time. We had been together for two years and we were engaged,” Darren told British tabloid The Sun in 2012.

“Sadly, it didn’t work out. I love her to death but we were not right for each other. She was the one who finally walked away. We both had issues with the relationship. I would have tried to fix it but, to her credit, she had the courage to end it.

“She told me, ‘You know deep in your heart this is not right.’ I’ve been single ever since.”

Rechelle with her now husband Brad Richards.

(Image: Getty)

Darren said the breakup was so bad that he ended up in hospital with heartbreak.

“Yes, it’s a condition! In retrospect, she was not the right girl for me. We became good friends afterwards but lost touch once she got married,” he said, referring to Rechelle’s new husband, American ice hocker player Brad Richards.

While he was heartbroken for a while, a few months later Darren said he had recovered and was enjoying being single.

“I was heartbroken and never thought the pain would go away. It took a while but now I’m enjoying waking up alone every morning,” he said.

“Everything happens for a reason. After she dumped me my career took off. I’m not concentrating on girls at the moment — I’m enjoying being single. I love to flirt and my girlfriend never liked that.”

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Erin McNaught: 2009

Erin and Darren worked together as VJs at MTV Australia, with their onscreen chemistry reportedly transitioning into real life.

While the pair never went public, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph at the time, the pair were spotted canoodling on Sydney’s Coogee Beach, following Erin’s high-profile split with former NRL star Braith Anasta.

There are plenty of photos of the pair looking chummy on the red carpet from this period, so we have no trouble believing this rumour is probably true!

The pair worked together for several years and are pictured here in 2011.

(Image: Getty)

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