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EXCLUSIVE: Connor Cruise chooses Scientology over love

Nicole Kidman's son is single once again... thanks to his controversial faith.
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She cut all ties with Scientology after splitting with Tom Cruise but Nicole Kidman’s only son, Connor Cruise, is so engrossed in the controversial religion it’s even forced his girlfriend to call time on their romance.

Phylicia Bugna, 26, confirmed to Woman’s Day she’s broken up with Connor after about 18 months of dating, claiming she refuses to be “sucked in” by his extreme Scientology beliefs.

The stunning deep-sea fishing expert, who first met Connor, 22, during an angling competition 
in his hometown of Clearwater, Florida, says the pair are no longer in contact.

Phylicia insists Connor’s devotion to Scientology played a major factor in their break-up.

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Connor Cruise, Phylicia Bugna

Phylicia and Connor dated for 18 months.

“For the record, I am not nor will ever be involved in Scientology,” she says.

“My beliefs are in nature and the earth, and I’m not trying to be tied to anything dealing or pertaining to Scientology.”

The two were pictured together a number of times on social media during their relationship, and Connor regularly liked Phylicia’s sultry bikini shots, but they have now unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Karina is Connor’s new love.

The gorgeous model tagged Connor in this social media snap.

The blonde bombshell, who has a history of traffic offences and was arrested for battery before the case was dismissed, has since moved to Oregon 
– as far away from her DJ ex as possible.

Still, it appears Connor isn’t too heartbroken.

He was recently spotted cosying up to Tajikistan model Karina Komil, who also tagged him in a snap of herself captioned “Good night” along with lightning bolt emojis.

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Connor’s father Tom Cruise is one of the most powerful figures within the church.

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