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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s sweet serenade to baby Luna

THIS is what happens when your daddy is a ten-time Grammy Award-winner.
Luna, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

As if baby Luna could get any cuter!

Muma Chrissy Teigen has taken to Instagram with what might be the sweetest clip of her daughter yet.

On Thursday evening, the Sports Illustrated model uploaded a heartwarming video of her cradling the adorable four-month-old, while daddy John played the tot’s favourite lullaby, O Christmas Tree, on the piano.

“The never-ending song,” Chrissy captioned the clip.

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In the sweet reel, the 30-year-old can be seen dancing along while a blissed out Luna looks adoringly at her musically talented papa.

“Higher!” The doting mum says at one point, causing the All Of Me singer to bump up one octave.

This level of cuteness is simply too much!

The power couple welcomed their first daughter back in April and since becoming parents, both Chrissy and John have opened up about the changes to their lifestyles and priorities.

“I’m a brand new father and I’m learning everyday, I think it focuses you, it makes you prioritise what’s important,” John said recently.

“It also makes you think about what kind of world your daughter is going to live in, and how you can make that world better.”

The new mum is absolutely besotted with her mini-me.

And she’s a spitting image of her daddy!

Chrissy meanwhile, simply can’t stop gushing about her little one’s sweet nature.

“It’s been really exciting and fun, and every day is so different, and seeing all her little changes is so cute,” she said to Entertainment Tonight.

“Her eyes have uncrossed a little bit, and, like, now, rather than looking right through you, she looks at you, which is really nice,” she joked.

“But it’s the little smiles that get you… There is no feeling like that first little smile, your first Mother’s Day, which was so beautiful and sweet to me. The entire day my eyes were on the verge of tears because I was so happy.”

Watch Chrissy talk about John as a father in the video player below!

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