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Chrissie Swan has come forward with a shocking claim about Meghan Markle

And it's made people pretty angry.
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Australian TV personality, radio host and author Chrissie Swan may have shared a little too much this weekend when she said she hasn’t warmed to Prince Harry’s fiance, Meghan Markle.

On a Facebook post, Chrissie implied Meghan Markle is not all she appears to be, and she believes the former Suits actress is merely acting humble.

She’s not the only one who has suggested that future royal Meghan may not be 100 per cent authentic in her love for our Haz. Controversial American TV personality, Wendy Williams has indicated that Meghan Markle is an opportunist and would not fit in with the Royal Family.

After admitting she had not warmed to the American actress, Chrissie was pressed to elaborate, to which she responded:

“It’s her manner. She looks like she’s performing. To me, she looks like she’s portraying a concocted humility. Acting.”

Anyone familiar with Meghan’s former lifestyle website Tig will know that her public manner isn’t one she has concocted, or if she has, she’s done a solid job of it. The site oozed charm, humility and self-love.

While sincerity and confidence can be hard to swallow, there’s something to be said for women building each other up, as a vast majority of reactions to the comment bring to light.

“Nothing more vicious than a jealous woman,” says one.

“You are a bully very disappointed,” said another.

It’s all a matter of opinion and as a known over sharer, we couldn’t really expect anything less from Chrissie Swan.

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