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Chrissie Swan reveals she found self love and appreciation after she was divorced.

“I think a lot of women can relate"
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It has nearly been two years since radio personality, Chrissie Swan separated from the father of her three children and partner of 15 years, Chris Saville. But in saying goodbye to this chapter, she regained herself.

When Chrissie was 45-year-old, she noticed – like many other women – she took care of everyone’s needs before her own. Four years later, she is happier than ever and is embracing her best single life.

Chrissie and Chris were together for 15 years.

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“I was 45 and I thought, I’m not having much fun. To be honest, I was doing exactly what most women do and I was putting everyone first,” she told 7News.

“I realised I liked being alone. It’s very important for me to be by myself.”

“I think a lot of women can relate to this. You meet someone and you have kids and you’re never alone again. Literally, never alone.

“There’s someone in your bed, there’s someone in your bathroom and there’s someone in your space.”

“I liked being alone.”

(Image: Instagram)

Despite the pressure for women to find ‘the one’ in their 20s and 30s, Chrissie feels that she has rather gained a better appreciation for life and everything on offer.

“I think society tells us that we don’t need to be by ourselves as women,” she said.

“We are the mothers, the friends and the wives… we’re supposed to get our life blood from being of service to people, and that wasn’t true for me at all.”

After having her children Kit, Leo and Peggy, she confessed to 7News that she felt lost and “exhausted.”

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“I realised I’d forgotten what I like to do because I got so used to being a service to the people I love. I really needed to control that,” Chrissie said.

But now she feels like she is “back in the mothership” after taking control of her life and reprioritising herself. However her new lease on life has not changed how much she loves her family!

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