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Charlie Sheen is the mystery actor diagnosed with HIV

In a sad turn of events for the troubled star, Radar Online has alleged that Charlie Sheen is the mystery actor who is HIV positive. He is believed to be preparing to confirm the news.
Charlie Sheen

Woman’s Day reported last week that a prominent Hollywood actor was living with HIV – and now Radar Online, after an “exhaustive 18-month investigation” has now unveiled the identity is Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen.

Charlie is believed to have been living with the virus for some years and his lawyers are “preparing for a raft of potential legal claims from previous lovers,” an insider told the British newspaper.

Charlie, who has boasted of sleeping with more than 5000 women, “thought he was indestructible and took no precautions, even though he was indulging in high-risk sex practices,” reports the website.

TMZ is reporting that, in the wake of the allegations – which are also splashed across the cover of American magazine The National Enquirer – Charlie is preparing to confirm the news on US Today show tomorrow Australian time.

This news comes after the 50-year-old’s turbulent past few years, after being fired from the hit show Two and a Half Men and the strong of odd behaviour that followed.

His engagement with former porn star Brett Rossi (aka Scottine Sheen), 24, was called off in October 2014. “Scotty and I had a great year together as we travelled the world and crossed a lot of things off our bucket list. She’s a terrific gal – but we’ve mutually decided to go our separate ways and not spend the rest of our lives together,” Charlie explained via his publicist at the time.

It’s no secret that Charlie is an infamous Lothario however at this point there is no suggestion any of his former lovers have been infected.

Radar says a “a dozen” sources – who all underwent rigorous investigations including lie-detector tests – have confirmed Charlie’s HIV-positive status.

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The actor’s personal life has certainly been a rocky one, following his divorce from Denise Richards, who he shares two children with, Charlie then moved on with real estate agent Brooke Mueller. They tied the knot in 2008 before welcoming twins in March, 2009.

But it was the beginning of the end of Charlie, who was arrested that December in Aspen after Brooke called the police claiming he was violent towards her.

“My husband had me with a knife. I was scared for my life,” she said.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sent to 30 days in rehab followed by probation.

In 2010 things went from bad to worse after Charlie and Brooke both filed for divorce. The following year in 2011, the dad-of-five checked into rehab while Two and a Half Men paused production.

“We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision,” CBS, Warner Bros, said at the time.

“I realised I was pretty much ‘losing!’ I thought I could come back – kind of like you did. I’d have fired my ass, too,” he reflected to Jay Leno in 2011 of his incredible fall from grace, which included crazy rants on Twitter, TV and radio,

Charlie Sheen divorced Denise Richards in 2006 after four years of marriage and two children.

In February 2011 while attempting to complete an at-home rehab programme, Charlie’s infamous meltdown begun.

The star often courted the spotlight and boasted of his two live-in “goddesses”, Rachel Oberlin, and Natalie Kenly. He went on to coin the infamous catchphrase “winning” and spoke passionately about “tiger blood” and “warlocks”.

“If I feel totally comfortable and there’s nothing but love and support and compassion and all things good, then I see nothing wrong,” he said of his unique living situation.

It would seem though that the dad-of-five’s lifestyle has finally caught up to him with this heartbreaking diagnosis.

Although the newspaper’s source reported he “is concerned a lot of exes and previous one-night stands could look to sue,” it is understood that close friend have advised that Charlie “face this situation head-on and own it publicly.”

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen separated in 2011, with the mum-of-two claiming he was violent towards her.

HIV, which affects the immune system and can develop into AIDS if left untreated, is spread through the bodily fluid of infected people.

In Australia, more than 27,000 people are infected with HIV, and it’s estimated that 12% are unaware of their positive status.

For more information on HIV in Australia, visit the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisation.

Charlie, pictured with Brooke and his daughters, is gearing up to speak about his condition on live TV.

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