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Cass Thorburn’s half-sister makes bombshell claims about her split with ex-husband Karl Stefanovic

But Cass has vehemently denied her claims.
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After 21 years of marriage, Karl Stefanovic and Cassandra Thorburn announced that they were divorcing, but according to Cass’ half-sister the split was more bitter than imagined.

Allegra Bottrell-Thorburn, who was four years old when Cass and Karl tied the knot, has shared shocking claims about the couple’s marriage that Cass herself has denied.

Cass’s half-sister claims she was monitoring her ex-husband’s new relationship with Jasmine Yarbrough.

(Image: Instagram @cassthorburn)

In an explosive report by the Daily Telegraph, Allegra claims that Cass and Karl’s relationship was turbulent in the lead-up to the divorce.

What’s more, Allegra says she stayed at Cass’s house when Karl and Jasmine married adding that she was asked to monitor the news feed and report back while Cass was on the school run.

“She just wants to know what people are saying,” she told the publication. “That is how she feels she is in control.”

Allegra also remarked that the divorce “changed her as a person” but in a now deleted Instagram post, Cass categorically denied her half-sister’s claims.

According to Allegra, Cass wanted to know what people were saying about her ex Karl Stefanovic and his new bride Jasmine Yarbrough.

(Image: Instagram @jasyarby)

Cass and Karl parted ways in 2016 and share three children Jackson, 20, Ava, 14 and River, 12.

Speaking to Woman’s Day in 2019, eldest son Jackson said, “My mother is the most extraordinary person, and what she has weathered these past few years, no one deserves the backlash.”

“To watch my parents’ private lives play out so publicly was incredibly destructive for all of us – someone had to step up and protect her, and I knew that person was me.”

WATCH BELOW: Karl Stefanovic’s dedication to Cassandra Thorburn. Post continues after video…

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Meanwhile, Karl and Jasmine recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and are due to welcome their first child together in May.

“We do have a very loving relationship and to have a baby as an expression of that love is incredible,” Karl told the Daily Mail of his relationship with Jasmine, who is pregnant with their daughter.

“It’s never an easy thing and I think that kids are a miracle and we just can’t wait to meet this little girl. Just to shower her with all the love that we have.”

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