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Romance rumours reignite as Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little are spotted together in Paris

Has the city of love worked its magic on the famous friends?
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It seems Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little have taken their blossoming relationship to the next level – with a trip to the city of love, Paris!

They were broadcasting their Hit Network radio show Carrie & Tommy in the French capital as part of their Pink in Paris listener competition.

Insiders say the duo have fallen for the city’s enchanting spell and are letting their work trip evolve into something a little more personal!

“This is one of their bigger trips together, and while it is for work, they’re having the time of their lives,” an insider tells Woman’s Day.

“They’ve been sightseeing all over, and even though they’ve been [to France] separately before, getting to experience it together has been very special.”

The radio duo are currently in Paris.

(Image: Instagram)


While the trip wasn’t meant for sipping espresso and munching on chocolate croissants, the fans are certainly noticing that l’amour could be in the air!

“The chemistry between them!” one fan commented on an Instagram video of Carrie and Tommy frolicking around the city, while another said that “they make a cute couple. I’m convinced there is a little tryst going on.”

The insider admits that work relationships tend to occur on overseas trips like these thanks to the combination of early mornings and late nights and being away from home.

“You can just tell they’re loving being able to travel together under the guise of work,” says our spy.

The pair appeared to be loving the Paris summer sunshine.

(Image: Instagram)


But not everyone is loving the coupling, with whispers from inside the radio camp that Carrie, 42, and Tommy, 38, were given “strict orders” not to go out with just each other, in a bid to distance themselves from the romance rumours.

However, rumour has it that the rule was already broken on the first night. “It’s like keeping two lovestruck teenagers apart,” says our spy, revealing there was a dinner or two shared between just the two of them.

“You can’t keep tabs on grown adults. And in the end – they can do what they want to do.”

It comes after executives are said to be getting increasingly cautious over Carrie and Tommy growing closer, with many questioning the future of the show if things between them “turn sour”.

“They’re only one year into a lucrative four-year contract, and if the tide turned between them, would they be able to stay on together and turn up to work every day?” the insider questions.

The radio hosts formerly worked together on The Project.

(Image: Instagram)

“But they both know the risks involved, and it is not just their radio show at stake – there are plenty of friends and family advising them to keep it professional.”

Radio executives are said to be pulling out all the stops to ensure the duo keep things platonic, with the pair even set to be sitting at different tables at the upcoming Logie Awards.

“They know the Logies can get a bit messy, and all eyes will be on them,” says our spy.

Woman’s Day first reported the pair were growing close following Carrie’s split from partner Chris Walker in January this year. Tommy has also revealed he is now single and dating.

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