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Carrie Bickmore shares a jaw-dropping throwback of the original 7pm Project team

What a blast from the past!
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Carrie Bickmore has shared an incredible throwback from when The Project was The 7PM Project in honour of the show’s 13th anniversary.

In the promotional image taken in 2009, Carrie (who is wearing very late 2000s attire) poses with her former panel hosts Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and Charlie Pickering.

She celebrated the milestone in her caption by writing, “Happy 13th birthday Project. 🥳 @theprojecttv I forgot they made zips that small.”

What an era this was! Happy birthday The Project.

(Image: Instagram)

Naturally, her comments section erupted with joy over the blast from the past.

One fan wrote, “That takes me back. Happy Birthday to all connected with The Project.🎥⭐️😍.”

Another penned, “Bettina liano jeans for sure I had any of those 🙂 happy birthday to the show ❤️❤️.”

“2009 always feels like it just happened, until you see 2009 fashion and realise it was A LONG time ago,” reacted a third follower to Carrie’s pants.

On her Instagram Stories, the presenter posted a close-up of her outfit and paired it with an emoji of a smiley face melting away – suffice to say, she’s not a fan of those pants.

Carrie really isn’t into those jeans.

(Image: Instagram)

Since 2009 the show has played in the homes of Australians around the country every night. While we love our new panel that includes Carrie, Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson, Peter Helliar, and more, we must admit we have a soft spot for the originals.

Dave left the show in 2013 after five years of co-hosting to focus on his stand-up career. However, he’s still a part of the Network 10 family and is based in Melbourne like Carrie.

Hughesy currently stars on The Masked Singer, Hughesy, We Have a Problem, and the radio show Hughesy & Ed.

Charlie’s exit from the show was rather abrupt in 2014 when he left the network for the ABC.

Her partner Chris produces her former co-host Charlie’s ABC show.

(Image: Instagram)

He explained his reasons for leaving on his new show, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

“The compromises to do commercial TV became too much over time,” he said. “The hardest moments of [The Project] was to not go on air and do things the network or sponsor wanted because I felt that was a betrayal of who I was.”

Although his departure from the show was slightly frosty, his bond with Carrie is still strong as her partner Chris Walker produces Charlie’s ABC show.

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