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Carrie Bickmore rings in her son Ollie’s significant lockdown milestone with a heartfelt message and lots of cake

''Umm where has my baby gone 😞.''
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Carrie Bickmore’s family is getting used to celebrating birthdays in lockdown, and they aren’t letting it get in the way of their happiness.

On the weekend, Carrie gushed on her Instagram about her oldest child and only son, Ollie, who has turned 14.

The Project’s host posted a picture of Ollie in a beanie as he smiles at the camera, and she captioned the post with bewilderment and gratitude as she reconciled with how fast he has grown.

“No fuss…a big smile…and great humour 🥰.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“Happy 14th Ollie ❤️ (umm where has my baby gone 😞) You have dealt with your second ‘lockdown’ birthday with the same attitude you take to life…no fuss…a big smile…and great humour 🥰 You are the best company and I love you so ridiculously much,” she wrote.

However, Carrie’s second post for her son came in the form of an apology because one very sneaky sibling destroyed his birthday cake.

The mother-of-three posted a picture of the cake with three sizable chunks taken out of it and then a shot of the original masterpiece.

It seems, according to Carrie’s accounts, that the perpetrator behind the big old mess is her youngest daughter, Adelaide.

“And I am sorry your baby sister secretly took a nibble out of your ‘control tower’ cake before you got a chance to enjoy it 🙄 Lucky I got a pic the night before 🤣 (swipe across for original cake 🥴),” explained Carrie.

Cake dramas aside, it seems the family made the most of the day and Ollie’s stepfather, Chris Walker, shared a post dedicated to his stepson and all the other stepfathers.

Chris uploaded a picture of himself arm in arm with Ollie, and he captioned it, “Could not be prouder to be this 14-year old’s dad! Love you so much Ollie ❤️ Happy Birthday!!!.”

“Also, Happy Fathers day (and stepfathers day) to everyone 👊🏼🍺.”

Chris posted this picture with Ollie to mark his birthday.

(Credit: Instagram)

Of course, Chris was far from forgotten on Father’s Day and Carrie uploaded a sweet video of Adelaide wishing her dad a happy day.

Carrie dedicated her caption to Chris, her father and her late husband, Greg Lange.

“Happy Father’s Day to those here and to those afar…and to the greatest father’s ever in my life ❤️ so lucky to have you Chris…and to my dad..can’t wait for our post lockdown dinners again 🥰,” she wrote.

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