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The real reason why Carrie Bickmore is resigning The Project is clear after newly released details

Fans are convinced about this one.
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On The Project, an emotional Carrie Bickmore tearfully announced she would be finishing up at the desk at the end of the year.

After 13 years co-hosting the news program, the journalist confessed this has been the “toughest decision of her professional life”.

But it has since been revealed that Carrie will be leaving Channel Ten entirely.

Fans are now speculating as to the real reason Carrie is ending her stint on The Project after over a decade, and some are convinced she’s already got a new gig lined up.

Has Carrie got a new gig lined up?

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A Channel Ten spokesperson confirmed Carrie’s departure on TV Tonight: “Yes, Carrie is leaving 10, but we hope to work with her again.”

This information has only fed the speculation that she is leaving to take on the A Current Affair role after Tracy Grimshaw recently announced departure.

“She’s got Tracy’s job on ACA,” one fan guessed on social media.

“Off to A Current Affair,” another penned.

“A Current Affair?” a third queried.

Fans think Carrie will be taking over from Tracy Grimshaw on ACA.

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After 17 years hosting ACA, Tracy Grimshaw announced she will be stepping down as host in November

She broke the news on air, saying: “I want you to know it’s been my decision alone and I’m not being shoved out the door by the boys club because I’m too old.

“I’m not too old. I’m just a bit tired. And for the record both the boys and the girls have asked me to stay.”

WATCH: Tracy Grimshaw announces she’s leaving A Current Affair. Article continues after video

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Carrie said she wanted a new challenge while addressing her departure on The Project.

“It’s time for a new challenge. It is time for my next chapter,” Carrie said, adding she was going to miss her co-workers, the job, and the viewers, insisting that the show has become a “second home” .

“I started the show when Ollie, my son, was one, and he’s now 15, which is crazy. I want to spend more time at home; I want to have more family dinners.”

In an accompanying post on Instagram, the journalist wrote: “I’ll say more about the amazing people I work with when it’s time to say my final goodbye….but for now I will enjoy every show I have left til the end of the year. ❤️.”

She has since been flooded with messages of support from her industry friends.

The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies wrote in the comments: “Tough decisions always feel fabulous once you’ve made them. I bet you’re feeling that now. Such admiration for you all ’round. Superstar mum, presenter and woman ⭐️ @bickmorecarrie.”

Her co-worker Lisa Wilkinson also penned: “We are all in complete awe of you Carrie. Thirteen unbelievable years of juggling it all with pure class, professionalism, good humour…and bringing the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥every single night. We are all going to miss you terribly. But so excited for your next chapter. Xxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Meanwhile, Abbie Chatfield shared her love, writing: “Congrats Carrie! You’re an absolute cornerstone of Australian TV and we all love you and will miss you on our screens.”

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