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MAFS’ Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson reveal their premature twins have been tested for COVID and are now in isolation

''They're both in 14 day isolation.''
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Married At First Sight‘s Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven have been beside their twin boys every day as they fight for their health in the NICU.

Now, they’ve been forced to keep their distance after a Covid case appeared in the ward.

Tate and Levi, who were born 10 weeks early, were tested for the virus and thankfully received a negative result, but the hospital has placed them in isolation for 14 days to keep them safe.

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Bryce took to his Instagram to share the scary news, uploading a video of his babies and Melissa in the hospital, captioning it, “A Covid case in the twins NICU ward.”

However, he was quick to assure his fans that although they were worried, they’re grateful for the good outcome, despite not being able to hold their babies for the time being.

“Tate and Levi are all good but quite worrying until they both came back negative. They’re both in 14-day isolation, so no cuddles today for the boys. Hopefully soon,” he wrote.

The reality television star also let his followers know that he and fiancée Liss decided to get a test by posting a selfie of them together wearing their face masks.

“We also decided to get Covid tested because we’ve been visiting Tate and Levi daily and didn’t want to risk anything. We came back negative and didn’t have to isolate as the twins do,” he revealed.

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The MAFS‘ alumni have shared consistent updates, and Bryce has posted plenty of videos from his sons’ bedside.

Despite facing the difficult journey, their boys have fought hard, and they revealed a couple of weeks ago that they had become closer to independence from hospital tubes.

In the first video on his Instagram story, Bryce wore a surgical mask and panned the camera to show Tate lying in his bed and breathing without assistance.

He wrote over the film, “A win for Tate this morning… He’s now off his CPAP & breathing all by himself + has had his IV Cannula removed. What a little champion!”

In the following video, Melissa makes an appearance, and can be seen watching over Levi, who is making similar progress to his brother.

“And now Levi has got the same freedom with his CPAP gone,” he began.

“He still has his IV Cannula in as a precaution. Little Legend!”

To stay safe, Melissa and Bryce also underwent a Covid test.

(Credit: Instagram)

In a video shared to Instagram earlier this month, the new parents explained how their lives have changed thanks to the experience and why they want to help others going through the same thing.

“Going from a few weeks ago literally not knowing anything about premature children, and the process of once they’re born to getting to getting them to term in-home, to basically knowing a hell of a lot about it now,” he began.

“And look, we still have a lot to learn, but at the same time, too, we would like to spread awareness about premature babies and how you can support them and how you can support parents in a similar situation.”

“They’re actually doing really, really well.”

(Credit: Instagram)

They also assured their followers that the boys are continuing to do well in the NICU.

“Levi and Tate are in NICU, so they’re in the neonatal intensive care unit, and they’re actually doing really, really well.

“I definitely am not as positive as you are [Bryce], but you know they’re little fighters. They’re little champions,” said Melissa.

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