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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fight for troubled Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

The exes come to blows over their daughter.
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While Brad Pitt may have thought daughter Shiloh’s predisposition to wear boys’ clothes and be called John was “cute” when she was a toddler, he’s struggling to accept her choices now she’s 12 – and it’s a major source of tension between him and his ex, Angelina Jolie.

Woman’s Day has seen top-secret documents via a source close to the warring couple pertaining to their custody battle for their six kids, and it paints a disturbing picture.

While the three eldest children, Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, and Zahara, 14, are allowed to choose to live with Angelina Jolie, and the couple are peacefully sharing custody of 10-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, it’s young Shiloh who’s truly caught in the crossfire.

“The older kids don’t want to see Brad – it’s an opinion they’ve repeated several times, and he’s accepted that’s probably never going to change, especially with Maddox.”

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“The twins are too young to understand, but Shiloh’s having trouble coming to terms with it all,” spills our insider, who Woman’s Day cannot name for legal reasons.

“She’s the one who wants to repair her relationship with Brad… but Angelina worries he’s going to cause real damage because he struggles to accept and understand her desire to dress like a boy.”

Shiloh has long insisted on dressing like a boy. (Image: Getty)

“Shiloh’s still getting professional help as she deals with how she’s growing up amid her parents’ divorce. Poor Shiloh’s very sensitive, and loves her dad dearly.”

The source adds, “Brad has always struggled to accept Shiloh. He looks a bit hippie and quirky at times, but don’t forget he was raised in an ultra-conservative Baptist family in the American Midwest, and some of those values and beliefs have stuck with him.”

Brad is now open-minded but he has roots in the conservative Midwest. (Image: Getty)

Another insider tells Woman’s Day it could be Brad’s refusal to accept Shiloh’s wardrobe choices that turned Charlize Theron off pursuing a relationship with him after their fling.

“If he mentioned those views to her, she’d have run for the hills,” says our source.

“She believes in nothing but unconditional love for children, and if Brad has an issue with Shiloh, Charlize would find it unacceptable in a romantic partner.”

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