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Bindi Irwin slammed by angry Dancing with the Stars fans for ‘rigged’ scores

People aren’t happy with her success
Bindi irwin

Poor Bindi Irwin.

She’s had a stellar run on Dancing with the Stars but it seems fans of the show are tired of the young star receiving perfect scores from “biased” judges.

Bindi is currently the favourite to win, especially after receiving perfect scores from the judges in the past two weeks.

But fans have lashed out, accusing the Aussie superstar of receiving favouritism from judges who overlook her mistakes, in particular by Julianne Hough , the brother of Bindi’s dancing partner, Derek.

“Of course Julianne didn’t see Bindi mess up,” tweeted one unimpressed fan. “Her scoring is biased and ridiculous. Get a new judge.”

“If you not Bindi u not getting a 10 date to say it #DWTS”, tweeted another.

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